Dreams, past and present

I have a dream. Or rather, I had a dream. Of how my wedding would be a grand-funk affair. Bigger and better than anyone else’s. A hotel wedding, never done before by anyone in my extended family. Prettiest wedding favours ever, not the typical towel or eggs.

I had this dream, many years back. When neither the mister nor myself had any money for any affair, grand or otherwise. When the mister would never let me drag him onto my dream-wedding-wagon and let me hold the reins and run away with my ideas. (On hindsight, thank you for keeping me grounded, dear.) Hence, that dream simply vanished, as life and adulthood and work took over.

And now, I still have a dream. Only a much different one.

Because I’m a lazy blogger (expect to read this phrase often), here’s what the dream is:

the what and the why

Why the (almost) total turnaround in mindset?

Because it’s taken me so long to build up my savings, that I feel so sayang (this is where Malay, the language close to my heart, can aptly describe what English can’t) to spend so much of it in a day, or two, on a single event.

Because I would like to start married life in a relatively comfortable financial situation, rather than in a much reduced, hence risky one.

Because I’ve come to realise, when I dig deep within and be honest with myself, that that previous dream of a grand-funk wedding affair is nothing but a shallow desire to impress people and seek the approval of others. And for what?

Because I met the wonderful CEO of Project Spirituality, Ms Maimunah Alhabshi, who opened the eyes of my heart and triggered all of the above. (Thank you, my dear ustazah.)

And because I am such a dreamer AND sentimentalist (sentimentel, to give it a Malay twist), I decided I would start this blog, just so the ideas that pop in my head (which may or may not be executed), get recorded for the days in my future married life when I feel like reminiscing.

It’s now or never. And NOW, it is.


3 thoughts on “Dreams, past and present

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  2. So glad to have found your blog. We share the same vision for our wedding, I think. My idea of a perfect wedding is to nikah and have a kenduri at the masjid. Now, to just convince my other half to go along with it 🙂 Thanks for sharing, I’ll be here to keep on reading.

    • Well I’m glad to have found someone who shares a similar vision too! I think people like us should just stand firm about what we want for our own wedding. Although we’d have to give in a little here and there to avoid ‘small-heart’ happenings, the core idea is still quick and cheap! 🙂

      I welcome readers and commenters, so comment away ok? 😀

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