Pengantin pelik punya persalinan (part pertama)

My previous post must have sounded quite… Angsty. Which is why this is a ‘petite girl’s’ blog, not a ‘petite woman’s’, because I figured a full grown mature woman would have overcome all angst / exhausted all her angsty energy (is there even such a word as angsty? Sounds like angsa punya sty LOL – nonsense ah Zakiah stop it eh.) I’m not sure if I’ll ever grow up and out of such angst; I think it’s either a youngest child resisting authority syndrome or a result of years of surpressing my protests to the judgemental perceptions expressed around and imposed upon me.

Anyway, that’s a pretty long preamble. The purpose of this post, actually, is to talk about my budget motto, which is to spend as little as possible on my wedding. If that can’t be achieved, the other alternative would be to stretch my dollars. Meaning, whatever I spend on would be something that can be used again or has a practical function, etc. One wedding expense that I find particularly wasteful are rented wedding outfits! Imagine, spending thousands of dollars on outfits that you only wear for a day! Not even that, a few hours! Which is why I have been toying with the ‘crazy’ idea (in apostrophes because I personally find it practical, not crazy; only others do) of tailoring my own outfits that are on the fancy side yet still simple enough to be reworn for functions like other people’s weddings that I would attend. (I still have so many younger cousins, so even if I can’t be bothered with the weddings of random acquaintances – I have very few whom I consider true friends – who nevertheless consider me important enough to be invited, I still have at least a handful of weddings to attend in the next 10 years.)

Now, how would that work? Keep it simple. Seriously, even if my wedding invitees are more glamorous than me, I don’t mind. I SERIOUSLY DON’T MIND. It makes me so much happier knowing that even if I pay, say, $500 for my outfit (material plus tailoring), at least I won’t be wearing it once. For a mere few hours. I would instead be able to enjoy it a few more times for the next 10 years (provided I don’t expand too much in size). Here’s a look at some outfits that may fit the bill:


I found this dress by googling ‘baju pengantin simple’ before I went to the Expo to survey wedding vendors (more of that in another post). I love the flared cut and its overall simplicity. Pair the top with regular pants and voila! you’ve got a Punjabi-looking suit. And you can wear the skirt like a high-waisted maxi skirt, paired with a chiffon blouse. The light grey colour also means it does not look too bride-sy to be worn again for a regular function.

Here’s another one from the same blog post:


Ignore the sleeves, observe the lace / embroidery that runs through the middle of the dress. I’ve always loved this type of cut for dresses; in fact I already have a dress tailored in a similar cut, a green dress made of a chiffon / organza material that has embroidery and sequins (see below). I bought the material in Arab Street for about a hundred plus dollars and sent it to my regular tailor in JB (can’t remember how much she charged me, but I doubt it was more than 100 RM); wore it for my eldest brother’s wedding way back in 2007.

Green dress

Imagine this dress above with a fancier scarf, veil and head accessory, perhaps with an added sash just like the previous dress, worn with diamante strap heels, and it could very well be a bridal outfit.

Another dress that I already have which, with added embellishment and accessories, could turn me from the one who attends the wedding to the one that weds:

Red lace net dress

Pardon the colour quality; I took this photo with my iPhone 4. Anyway, I remember the time when I went to the tailor to collect this dress, I tried it on in front of my mother and said, “Ah baju macam ni boleh pakai buat kahwin!” in the loud hinting voice that I use to ‘test water’. My mom went, “Eeeehhhhkkk..” like literally dragging the sound in high pitch, and continued, “mana boleh pengantin plain gini?” And subsequent mention of my ‘crazy’ idea of tailoring my own wedding outfits would be met with “Kau ni pelik ah.” And so that’s how this blog got its name. I’m the pengantin pelik, if I get my way. πŸ™‚

P/S: ‘Part’ bukan bahasa Melayu ya kakak-kakak, abang-abang dan adik-adik. Itu perkataan buat kasi cantik itu tajuk lah, ada paham? *geleng-geleng kepala macam aci*


19 thoughts on “Pengantin pelik punya persalinan (part pertama)

  1. Salam Zambian. Found your blog from kahwinkhronicles. Love your mindset. That’s one of the reason why I decided to make my baju nikah too instead of paying additional for something which I can’t keep. Enjoy your preparations babe! Pelik tak pelik, I’m sure it’d be great! Inshaallah.

  2. Hahah ok I didn’t know WordPress has autocorrect. I’m learning its features as I go along. Anyway, to tailor your own baju nikah is actually not unusual; my sister did that. What I’m talking about is to even tailor the outfit for the reception. Now that’s not something commonly done, at least not among the many brides my extended family has seen. Thanks for the well wishes! πŸ™‚ When’s your wedding?

    • oh cause i was using my phone. you know iphone and their silly autocorrect. yeah that’s true, not commonly done, but i’m sure it can be done. looking forward to seeing the outfits! mine is inshaallah this year september πŸ™‚

      • Oh September this year! That’s soon! Congratulations in advance to you and Sap! πŸ™‚ May everything run smoothly insyaAllah.

        As for my ‘crazy’ idea, I still have not made any final decision whether to DIY or go the conventional route. I would need to do lots of convincing to people around me for the former to happen!

  3. hi dear,

    I agree with you 100%. that’s why i’m getting all 4 of my + his baju tailored/bought. actually with material.. i spent ard max $300 ajer.

    • Hi Faiza!

      You mean material for 2 pairs of outfits cost only $300? For guys I know kain satin memang pretty cheap. Maximum berpuluh je per meter. What material did you get for your own 2 outfits? $300 tu belum masuk harga upah jahit kan?

      • the material i got for my fiance was the more expensive one. i tkle ingat the name of it.. some variation of satin at jakel, its stiff, bole buat jacket gitu.

        and no no.. i have 4 baju. 2 tailored (traditional) and 2 gowns (angmoh, tailored and bought overseas). my fiance also will have 4 ahha ^^”

        for the tailored baju.. kain + upah jahit= on average each costed $250-$300. i bought some expensive lace which i now kinda regret. lol it costed RM250/m! mahal gile kan! kalau tak beli that lace agaknyer average my baju cost $150. the upah jahit kat siew hwa is ard RM70-RM100. can be more if u ask more things like beading or etcetc. tp i like her coz her cutting and service is quite good. her customers mainly singaporeans ahhaha.

        the gowns i bought , one is $125 the other $70.

        nanti for my fiance’s suit, kita gi bangkok to tailor. $300+ for two suits… wayyyyy cheaper dari sg tailors. satu suit ajer bole come to $300-$1000.

      • Oh, I think maybe it’s called bridal satin? The Peti Solek sisters I spoke to (you can read about my tak-jadi-booking with them in my latest post) mentioned this material when I was talking to them about tailoring baju for my fiance.

        Where is this Siew Hwa place? Could you share their address? Did you have your measurements taken once, and then the dresses were made, or did you go through a second fitting like how one would get outfits from a proper bridal?

        Exactly where did you buy your gowns? They’re pretty cheap! Are they second-hand?

        And going all the way to Bangkok to tailor your fiance’s suits! Budget-concsious me would totally see the flight ticket prices and accomodation expenses as part of the suit prices! But I guess if it just so happens that you are going there on holiday and you decide to get the suits tailored, then it’s alright.

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  5. maybe its bridal satin? ahahha i have noooo idea.

    Siew hwa. i think this is her address>> Susur 1 Jalan Tun Abd Razak, Johor Bahru, Johor 80100… she takes one measurement, then when its ready go fetch and try. if it doesnt fit well, she’ll fix it immediately. she has a 2month wait tho.. so if you go there keep in mind that you’ll hafta wait.

    the gowns i bought from china, shipped it in hahah. super cheap and actually most bridal companies get their gowns from here, i’ve seen so many similar designs with their trademark lace work LOL. theyre customised to fit your body, but you just hafta email them ur measurements then cross ur fingers. so far… my dresses are lovely.

    going bangkok to do the suits were an excuse to go there =X hahah i just wanted to go there! spent only $500 for 2pax for 5d4n, flight and accommodation. hahah still cheaper than tailoring two suits in sg, and better quality. =D

    • Hello Sya, welcome! I second that yay, hahah.. I knew you’ve visited when I saw a view from the Netherlands on my site stats page. Glad I took your advice to use WordPress! Appeals to my narcissistic side hahah… ;p

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  7. Omg..I totally agree with u on everything!!! M making my own outfit n when I recce mak andam n they suggested making a new outfit for me its 860 n rental!!! My outfit wnt even reach 500 for each n I can keep it..sure its not as bling bt hey simple n elegant…its more worth it

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