Pengantin pelik punya persalinan (part kedua)

There are some things up north (read: Malaysia) which you could definitely get cheaper due to the exchange rate. For about ten years now, my mom, sisters and I have been sending our kains for tailoring at a home-based tailor in JB. Hence, when I started toying with the ‘crazy’ idea, I started looking out (online, obviously) for any recommendations of bridal tailors from our neighbour. As part of my quest to fulfil my wedding budget motto, I posted this on the CozyCot Malay / Muslim Weddings Forum:

the alternative blog title

I did not include the budget breakdown in this screenshot as I prefer to keep the proposed venue hush-hush at the moment. I got the following reply after I put up the above post:

I replied to the above post and enquired about which tailor in JB her friend used. And then, the bride herself spoke:

Part of the actual post

Later on, the friend of the bride posted a link in the forum to her blog post in which she wrote about and included pictures of dresses sent for tailoring by her friends at Ivy Boutique.

In between this exchange of posts, it suddenly occured to me to snoop around the Facebook account of the minah jambu. This minah jambu is actually a girl whom I had seen around campus during my uni days, whose blog I had somehow chanced upon (I can’t even remember how) and lurked around for some time before I ‘broke’ the silence, introduced myself and got acquainted with her online. (And now I remember I had bought a dress from her via her blog and discovered she lived in the far east, just like me.) When I tell my sister about her I refer to her as minah jambu because she’s obviously pretty and she’s always dressed so attractively! And who isn’t attracted to (and sometimes envious of) beauty, right? After getting acquainted with her we became friends on FB, and remembering that she’s also engaged and going to get married I decided to see if she had any updates regarding her wedding planning which I could copy shamelessly get inspiration from. Lo and behold, she had recently ‘liked’ this really talented wedding service provider, Hariz & Team Wedding Services! Just look at their work (all photos taken from their FB page):

Beading work only, plain top client’s own

Gorgeous? YES!

Elegant? YES!

Simple? YES!

Wedding worthy? Totally YES to me!

Can be reused for Raya / function post wedding? YES!




They’re based in Selangor! BOO HOO HOO!

I want to move to Selangor lah macam ni. Although technically that would mean there is no exchange rate to work to my benefit. Sighz.

PS: The minah jambu actually already know of this blog of mine via another wedding blog and left comments in the previous post! Hey there! *waves hand* I’m your secret admirer I love your style!


5 thoughts on “Pengantin pelik punya persalinan (part kedua)

    • Hi nasaty (or Katrina123 right? Heheh)

      Yes, perhaps I will. I just don’t know if my regular tailor is able to produce similar workmanship in terms of the way that skirt flows.

  1. i love hariz and co too! and it’s quite cheap too. but so sayang they are based so far. i wanted to just try my luck and give them my measurment instead but nvm la forget it.

    anyway if you happen to go bandung, try checking out pasar baru. they have beautiful lace materials for less than $15 per metre. cheap and good.

    also, if you intend to buy gown, try my best friend ordered her gown there. it’s a china site but based on her experience, so far so good.

    • Hi Aidah! I got to know about Hariz and Team from your FB wall lah! You’re the minah jambu *giggles*… They’re not that cheap. (Yes, I sent them an email inquiry as if I was a genuine client.) They charge 450 to 500 RM for the very first pink outfit! And that’s not inclusive of the material! But I guess with the exchange rate it’s still OK.

      And, all the way to Bandung to get kain! Kalau dekat macam Geylang-Joo Chiat takpelah jugak. The furthest I’d go is KL for kain. Can make it a one-day trip and if someone drives me there, I’d save on coach fare! But don’t think I’ll be going on anymore overseas trips til next year when I get married. Promised my mister I’d save money. 😦

      Anyway I checked out briefly. Interesting stuff there, and some with free shipping to Singapore! But they come mostly in white and with trains. Not sure if I want to buy a dress that I can’t actually reuse because it looks too bride-sy. But I’ll look some more! Loving the ones with lace sleeves. Thanks for the tip!

  2. oh my god! so malluuuuu. you are too nice la babe.

    anyway yeah get what you mean about bandung. but i think as compared to malaysia, singapore’s lace is cheaper. i bought mine from arab street for less than $200.

    i love their long veils from dhgate but nak beli takut membazir pulak. so tempted to buy but sap keeps asking “buy la. but what you want to do after that” so okay laaa. cancel plan hehe.

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