Colour Inspiration


This scarf which I bought at Toko Warisan Joo Chiat yesterday shows how green (teal? mint? turquoise?) can work with pink (coral? peach? rose?). I know some of you guys out there have memorised the names of all the shades of pink and green in existence, but I can’t pinpoint the exact name for a particular shade to save my life, so common names I shall use.

Anyway, I really like it! Although I realise that green is not a common colour used for a wedding dress, there’s just something about green that’s pleasing and easy to the eye – be it cool ones close to blue or warm ones like lime.

My friend F (hi F if you’re reading!), who in another life would be a wedding planner (the omputeh kind) told me that before I decide on anything for the wedding, I should first and foremost choose a colour palette. Now I’m not sure if she explained the following, but the impression I got is that once I’ve got a colour palette, everything from wedding decor to wedding dress to wedding favours to flower arrangements can be chosen to match the overall colour theme.

I thought that since I’m big on keeping the cost low, I’m not going to be particular about aesthetics (especially when it comes to wedding decor) but my girly side is tugging at me to at least colour coordinate!

Now tell me, where can I find all that exact names and colour samples for shades of pink and green??? Throw in cream too! And turquoise! And brown!


10 thoughts on “Colour Inspiration

    • That’s my friend’s recommendation too! But it seems the colour palettes are only the ones that the writer came up with? There isn’t any tool for me to like pick certain colours and put side by side to see how they look together.

  1. I wanted to share what farnamals recommended! What I also did was to check out Malaysian deco bridal company and got my ideas there cause their deco is always so gorgeous!

    By the way, congrats on the perfect venue! I remembered how relieved I was when I settled my venue. πŸ™‚

  2. hellooo i am here! haha i figured F is me, and yes i am still dreaming for big bucks so i can quit and be an adjunct, and become a wedding planner!!
    anw i love mint! it is gorgeous. lighter than the one you picked though. my kids tell me they feel like eating ice-cream when i wear my mint top -_- but yeah it is a breezy summer col. great if it fits in your overall decor – you wanted a garden theme thereabouts? buttttt you (both) need to try the colours first!

    • She speaks! Hehehe. I’m not really thinking of any theme, just a combination of colours. I’ll speak with the decorator after Syawal and see what they can do. And when you say try, do you mean like try on for clothes or what?

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