Raya downtime

I am currently typing this while waiting for my turn to see the doctor; current queue number is at 137, mine is 151 so good luck to me! Anyway, what better time to update this blog, right? I do have some errands the family have sent me to run; Mak minta beli daging goreng, Bapak minta beli buah, Kakak minta beli susu soya panas (macam menyesal pula keluar ke klinik), tapi takkanlah sambil menunggu aku nak pergi beli segala macam benda ni lepas tu masuk jumpa doktor bawa daging buah susu soya segala kan? Hahaha salah-salah nanti doktor tanya, kau ni betul sakit ke tidak? Ke jumpa aku supaya dapat MC jadi boleh pergi beli barang dapur pada hari kerja?

I was actually already feeling the post-Raya effect on Tuesday. (The ironic thing is, I only went out once! To one house! But more on that later.) But after dragging myself out of bed I managed to get myself to work, and in a quite delayed WhatsApp message in reply to my morning dilemma (to go or not to go to work?), the mister told me “Don’t take leave! 60% of Malays doing that today, don’t do the Melayu thing.” I got home on Tuesday, tired but ultimately surviving the work day. I did collapse in bed shortly after Isya’, though, then woke up around midnight with a perit throat, and after fussing around the kitchen and living room topping up botol kuih (we have 2 sets of those because there are actually 3 seating areas for guests, our house is a 5E built in the early ’90s) which my mom had asked me to do before she left with my dad to visit a sick relative, I felt a fever coming. So I took a glass of Redoxon and 2 Paracetamol pills, and went back to sleep. I dragged myself again to work the next day, Wednesday, because I knew today there was a training session for an event that basically contributed to yet a few more crazy past few weeks at work; (*Promo Alert! Promo Alert!*) see the event page here. That is also basically why I have not been updating this blog.

Anyway, the actual reason I started writing this post is to say: I hope it’s not too late to wish all of you readers (silent or otherwise), Selamat Menyambut Syawal! Semoga segala amalan kita di bulan Ramadan diterima dan kalau rasanya masih ada kekurangan (termasuk aku lah tu), semoga Allah panjangkan umur kita untuk bertemu Ramadan pada tahun depan, Amin.

Do forgive me if I may have indirectly offended anyone due to my ideas about Malay weddings and related matters; everyone has a right to their own opinions and preferences – if you have the cash to spare on a mega grand event, it’s yours to spend as you see fit. I have the cash right now (I could hold my wedding in a jiffy, seriously, but I also have to wait for my mister to catch up since he has to fork out more) but I am just choosing not to do a mega grand event because post-wedding, once we have a place of our own, I would like to be able to say:

Need renovation?
No problem, here’s 10k.
Need furniture?
No problem, here’s another 10k.

All that, with still extra cash to spare to give to charity and indulge in yearly traveling, etc. (Need I mention contributing to my parents’ monthly allowance as I already am doing now, health / life insurance, going on Haj?) In other words, budget wedding day, but comfortable married days ever after (insyaAllah).

Ok! Queue no. now 150! Woo hoo!

Pengantin pelik punya persalinan (part ketiga)

Tiba-tiba rasa teringin menulis dalam bahasa Melayu semula (penangan tajuk ‘tu agaknya). Baiklah kita sambung semula bab bersalin persalinan pengantin dari part pertama dan part kedua. Tidakku sangka, penulisanku yang sekadar bertujuan mencatat angan-angan yang melimpah ruah dapat mencetuskan perkongsian … Continue reading