Pengantin pelik punya persalinan (part keempat)

Maka bersambunglah drama bersiri cerita persalinan pengantin pelik ini dari kisah nasibnya yang macam kentang. Memandangkan ini cerita baju pengantin ‘omputeh’, kita berbual ‘omputeh’ lah ye…

I’ve got my white wedding dress with me! It fits well (except for the length, no surprise there), and its below $100 after including shipping AND currency conversion!

ONE down, two more to go! (Well technically there are 3 more outfits, but since the ethnic one to be worn at the husband-to-be (HTB)’s reception is under the FMIL’s jusrisdiction and beyond my control, for now, I shall consider it as two more!)

And the story would not conclude without drama, I tell ya! In brief, the seller mixed up my floor number, from 12 to 21 for the shipping address! So that caused a bit of worry (although surprisingly I stayed calm, even a little nonchalant, and had to be chided by the mister into making calls to Singpost to inform them that I am expecting a package with a mistake in the shipping address). I had to undergo the torment of speaking to a foreign ‘talent’ officer with that trademark annoying accent (they speak too slowly, dragging the sounds unnecessarily that I always have difficulty registering the words in my head and I have to keep saying “Pardon? Could you repeat that again?” til I feel like I sound stupid – when in fact it is that annoying accent that’s hard to understand.) I was told that I could not make any amendments to the address til the item has arrived in Singapore, and to know that I would have to check daily at the Singpost site using my package’s tracking number. I tried to ask what would happen should the item already arrive in Singapore without me managing to intercept it – would the item be straight away returned to sender, or would it be kept with Singpost for some time and I can arrange for redelivery with amendment to the address? I believe that my question was clear enough and my concern valid, but foreign ‘talent’ officer proved to be oh so talented at just repeating the standard answer of “Oh you have to wait for the item to arrive in Singapore before you can amend the address.” How annoying, not to mention exasperating! Singpost you might as well employ a mindless robot / answering machine as your customer service officer, if your foreign ‘talent’ can’t comprehend your customers despite them taking pains to explain their concern or enquiry.

So anyway, I called again two days or so later after I saw on the USPS tracking site that the item has arrived in Singapore. Again, foreign ‘talent’ officer (whom I suspect to be the same one from the sound of her voice) picked up my call and told me that the package is already in their courier network. I had to ask a few times to clarify that she has amended my address, just to be sure that she understood my question and then that I understood her answer. (Seriously Singpost! Your foreign ‘talent’ officers are proving to be a liability rather than an asset to your productivity! That time wasted trying to understand them and be understood by them means money wasted, you know!) Somewhere in between this correspondence I was also told that I would be contacted again within one working day, and even an automated email containing a Case ID no. was sent to me. And guess what? One working day came and went and not a single call from them.

In the end, it turns out my address was not amended at all! The USPS courier guy came, one day before Raya, and thankfully he was smart enough to figure out that since there was no such 21st floor in existence, the actual address could quite possibly be the 12th. I am also happy to report that he is as local as can be. Terima kasih abang! See Singpost! You should learn from USPS by employing LOCALS for local deliveries. They can be trusted to have local knowledge and common sense to get the job done PROPERLY.

Ok, enough foreign-detesting grandmother stories! I am sure all of you are waiting for pictures!

Here they are, *drumroll* please!

Ta dum dum dum dum dum

Ta dum dum dum dum

Ta dum dum dum

Ta dum dum


Oh wait, you’d have to wait til next year, when I actually wear the dress for my wedding, to see them! Hahahah. Alamak, what an anti-climax right? If you are my loyal reader you would know my policy by now. Nothing to be revealed to the mass public until the actual day!

What I can show you, though, are the dresses that are my alternative first and third and so on choices! Oh yes, I did not purchase my first choice dress because I am practising to be the model daughter-in-law, you know? Besides, as it turns out, my FMIL’s choice – which is my 2nd choice – is the cheaper of the two, so because ultimately this Western white wedding dress is her request, and never in my original dream wedding scheme-of-things, I was more than happy to accede to her choice. The cheaper the better! =) And since I am so nice, I am sharing the pictures of these dresses with links to their Etsy pages because they are so gorgeous – in my opinion at least- and I would love for other brides-to-be with the same budget mindset as me to be able to purchase and wear them at their own weddings! All you have to do is click on the pictures to be redirected to their sites. (If you are not confident about making online overseas purchases, I am actually considering providing my service to liaise with the sellers and helping you make the purchase – at a small nominal fee! Hahah ada-ada je idea aku nak buat duit.) Please take note, all prices indicated are in USD and have not included direct shipping fee. Also, there are a few more photos provided for each dress at their respective Etsy pages, so do click on the photos for better views and closeups!

Ok, here’s my first choice (alternative one after I missed the initial perfect dress):

USD 55

There is just something so delicately pretty about this dress! The balloon sleeves, the lace running through the middle… It’s just like a dress I posted earlier in either part one or two of this pengantin pelik punya persalinan series! I also like the fact that the high collar may just be high enough to cover most of my neck, thus giving me more options in terms of the hijab style I could pair it with. I could do a spanish wrap, for example, and just layer a veil over. Ironically, I believe it is precisely because of the modest combination of the loose sleeves and high collar that made my FMIL say it “looks nun-like”, thus making her prefer the other dress to this.

Ok I can’t find the 3rd choice dress in my ‘Favourites’ list (I probably un-favourited it since I had decided not to buy it). It’s a very simple flared dress with round loop buttons down the back til the waist, before it flares. It’s actually the cheapest I found at 39 or 40 USD, but it did have one shortcoming which is its 3/4 sleeves, but I thought I could get over that with bridal gloves (also called gauntlets, are they?) bought off eBay.

Ok! For this next dress I actually think it’s more gorgeous than the above 1st choice dress, due to the way the lace is tiered and scalloped at its hem. It didn’t make it to my top 3 choices, precisely because it’s too long, or rather I’m too petite for it, and any alteration would involve chopping off the gorgeous lace scalloped hem, which would then render the dress not gorgeous anymore. But if you’re 1.6m and above, this could fit you just nice!

USD 56

Aaah I just love the lace. I really have a thing for lace I think.

This next dress has such lovely floral embroidery running lengthwise:

USD 48

It looks like a short calf-length dress but the length stated is 52 inches so maybe it just looks short due to it having a dropped / low waist rather than an empire waist.

Ok, for this last dress (I actually favourited more dresses but upon second look I think it’s more due to their low price rather than high G-orgeous factor), it’s very similar to the first choice dress. In fact, I saw it first and really liked it before encountering the first choice dress, after which it dropped down the rankings. Perhaps the panels make it look like an apron / Dutch milkmaid uniform. The floral embroidery down the middle is lovely though. I think I also have a thing for high collars and balloon sleeves.

USD 59.99

Alright, that’s about it! I would love to hear what you guys think about the dresses I featured. And I am serious about that earlier offer to provide a purchasing service. Let’s call it the 3P service – Pengantin Pelik Purchase service! Do let me know if you’re interested in purchasing anything online from overseas; I could also help you purchase from sites like,,,,, etc! 🙂


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