Little Miss F(l)ab – Update 3

What I ate at home yesterday after the fast food cheat brunch: the remaining slice of LJS French toast while waiting for the rice to cook, 3 quarter scoop of rice with one and a half lady’s finger and soup from the lauk pindang ikan my mom cooked (my sister went: Tak amek ikan? Ikan pun tak boleh? Why? You’re going vegetarian? Merepeknya!), and then I took a full scoop to eat with pappadom which we tested in the toaster (instead of frying it in oil. My sister’s FT colleagues apparently give it a pop in the microwave oven).

I believe there was an apple in between or before the French toast, because I can’t quite remember, but I believe I did eat based on the 2 other times I ate apples and what I brought with me to work today and there being 1 left in the fridge (total 4, so the 5th must have been consumed yesterday.) Dee Dee also mentioned to us yesterday that in her DVD there’s a segment on nutrition with apples being among the food that could aid in losing weight, but I have yet to view the DVD to know exactly how, but her mere mention of apples made me feel good that I was on the right track. (I actually wanted to buy Kiwi fruits when I went grocery shopping that time but the only variety available was the more expensive ones so I bought the Royal Gala apples instead.)

However the pappadom triggered a craving for my favourite keropok ikan so I thought maybe I could just take one or two emping instead because that’s not made with fishmeat, just some sort of ubi but when I opened the container it was – happily – empty! I guess it’s all predestined? There were some crumbs of emping left and in another container crumbs of keropok ikan so I finished them off just to satiate the craving.

This morning, my mom cooked bee hoon goreng, the red kind, with the usual prawn and meat toppings, to pack for my grandma’s breakfast since it was her caregiving shift today. Of course there were lots leftover that could last til lunch and a light dinner, but since she wasn’t in the kitchen when I came in for my breakfast, I could ignore it safely. I took out from the fridge two wholemeal rolls from Delifrance (which I forgot to mention I bought yesterday) and while they were reheating in the toaster I made hot Milo without sugar or condensed milk. I took a look at the ingredients label and discovered that Milo has skimmed milk in it (all along I thought it was just barley malt and cocoa and of course the other chemicals in standard processed food). So, perhaps next time I go to the supermarket I could look for a beverage powder without milk in it, I made a mental note. Anyway, the bland Milo was okay, I needed it to just be a hot beverage to dip the wholemeal rolls in. But since the Milo was void of any sweet taste, I started noticing the sweetness from the rolls! Well not sugar sweet but the kind of sweet-savoury taste or lemak manis. It was nice how skipping the unnecessary calorie (the sugar) was making me notice my food more. Oh, there was a side of butterhead lettuce which I just crunched in between the bread dipping.

For lunch, I decided to pack a wrap. There were still some mushrooms left from the mixed mushroom pack, but I was trying to vary my meals (plus I have yet to research if there was any adverse side effect to having mushrooms daily) so I decided I’d try the silky tofu. I had no idea what to cook it with, so I just steamed one tube with the trusty Italian seasoning, black pepper and salt. I did not take any photos because I was quite clumsy in taking the tofu out of its tube packaging, so the silky tofu silkily slipped out of my hand and on to the kitchen sink and got mashed up a bit so it’s not a pretty sight. I put about half onto the butterhead lettuce to be rolled in the wholemeal wrap, and the rest I packed in the fridge for later. I took just a bit of the tofu on its own to taste, and I grimaced. I thought of how I would blog about it and say, ‘I’m not going to lie and say I enjoyed the silky tofu and lettuce wrap, because I didn’t’. I’ve never been good on seasoning food with salt, and I always err on the safe side by skimping on it (because if the salt isn’t enough, one can add more, but if it’s too much then your cooking is basically ruined.) So the tofu was basically bland and tofu being tofu, if not well-seasoned, would just be nausea-inducing muak. I shuddered thinking of how I’d struggle to finish that wrap, but packed it anyway and then threw in another of the yummy Delifrance wholemeal roll. And that bee hoon goreng stood in sharp, tempting contrast so at the end of breakfast and packing what would be a boring lunch, I took just one forkful of the noodles (without the prawn and beef), straight from the wok without bothering with a plate.

Now that I have just finished eating the wrap, however, I’m glad to give a more favourable report. The wholemeal wrap, like the brand tagline goes, is ‘so good you can eat it on its own’; it is already salty-savoury, so that helped to overcome the bland tofu. And now I just remember that I had once eaten the wrap with only lettuce and nothing else, and I enjoyed it so yes it’s really great on its own as well as with other things that would NOT taste good on its own.

While eating, I decided to do some armchair (read: Internet) research about nutrition. I was concerned that maybe I’m not doing this pseudo-vegetarian thing right as I did not have that much variety in what I was eating and I did not really have a proper replacement for the protein from meat that I’m missing. I also wanted to know what foods can aid in trimming that tummy, and I found this article explaining why it IS important to want a slim tummy, and what foods that might help. I’m linking the article here just for my own reference!

In other news, my kickboxing class this evening has been cancelled because the instructor is on medical leave! Well I guess this means I should go home and lepak and have a try at ‘moving like Dee Dee’!   🙂