Little Miss F(l)ab – Update 1

The 1 month out of my supposed 2-months ‘PP will get FnF’ attempt has passed, so I thought I should update.

The progress report? Fair (and I think that’s being lenient to myself). Within that 1 month I’ve gone for 3.5 sessions at the centre I signed up with (pilates, kickboxing, Zumba and half a Zumba session because I came late), half-jogged and half-walked to the mall from my house to pick up a registered article from the post office (my Google maps app says the distance is about 2km), then walked 30 minutes on a longer route back. Within the same month too, however, I had 3 food fest weekends (family BBQ, my aspiring wedding planner friend F’s wedding and the recent Eid), and my usual eat-whatever-whenever and eat-for-comfort daily diet so you could say it’s been counter productive.

Yet every other day I looked in the mirror and down at that flabby spare tyre and I sigh, wondering, at this rate, when would I ever get a trim tummy? A niggling voice in my head told me that if I didn’t watch those sighs, they could turn out into me developing a self-hating negative body image.

I was beginning to get desperate (although I know that results take time and more effort), and even considered the Dukan diet as tried and tested and proven effective by Miss H, but could not mentally convince myself to go on such a strict diet with the various stages (going without carbohydratess and relying strictly on protein for the first week or so? Oh no! I wouldn’t be satiated and can’t stand feeling that way, except in Ramadan). Besides, I probably need to lose at most 5kg, not multiples of it.

I realise I needed to get a grip on myself when 2 days ago I walked into a Watson’s store aiming to buy a personal grooming tool and perhaps body-shaping wear to aid in the fat-burning while exercising, and I found myself seriously considering taking a closer look at the various slimming teas, supplements, creams, what-have-yous! This is not happening! Slimming what-nots have never been in my consciousness. Ok maybe they have been, but always in a distanced this-is-what-others-take-but-never-will-I-take-the-short-cut way. Who can forget that Andrea De Cruz Slim 10 saga? Not only are there side effects to be wary about, even if they work, these short cuts also work for only the short term. Not for you Zakiah! I had to remind myself.

If there’s something I learnt from my Tuesday night dates with the show Biggest Loser Asia, it’s that what you put in your body is as important, if not more than what you do with it. I knew
I had to change my diet. And then I read some sobering statistics about how our eating meat and livestock-derived products gets in the way of feeding the world population, endangers the planet and ultimately ourselves, as well as compelling evidence that the human anatomy is not designed to eat meat (a result of link-clicking that began from my friend Sya’s FB sharing, which by the way is practically my ‘newsfeed’ for all things humanity and environment-related).

Those articles greatly impacted me and I knew I had to take concrete action and do my part. (Ironically, I came to that decision while making and then devouring an egg cheese sandwich – a lip smackingly delish combination.) For a start, I decided to go meatless for as long as I could. I’m not about to give up meat, eggs and cheese altogether, but I could eat them less frequently. Since I was already intending on changing my diet, switching to one that consists less of meat and more of vegetables, grains etc would be a step in the right direction.

At this time of the year my workload is much less, so I have more time to prepare my own meals. Yesterday I went grocery-shopping at NTUC and this is what I bought:


Mixed mushrooms, soya milk, wholemeal wraps, silky tofu (with no egg content), butterhead lettuce, leafy greens, apples. I tried buying fresh and local produce as well as avoid processed food as much as I could (I passed on the mushrooms and lettuce, but not quite on the soya milk, wraps, and tofu?)

Funny story about the leafy greens; my mom asked me to buy them, along with eggs. I was in such a ‘no meat/livestock-derived products’ mode, that I got the greens but actually forgot to buy the eggs! Eggs are actually my weakness – I could eat them almost everyday – which is why I totally erased them from my mental list. Anyway, I can’t possibly survive on only these for all my meals for the next few days; there’s spaghetti, carrots, potatoes at home to add a bit more variety. I wondered how I would manage eating only the meals I prepared myself, seeing how my mom would cook and expect me to eat, and if I don’t and the food gets left over, she’d take it to heart and imply that I did not appreciate her effort to cook. So I went home, put the groceries away and decided to just tell her nicely not to worry about my meals from the next day onwards as I’m about to go on a diet and I’ll settle my meals myself. Surprisingly she actually asked what diet and whether she could follow! But of course she wasn’t serious about it.

So, here’s goodbye to meat for the time being (including my favourite sambal belacan because technically that has prawn meat):




And hello to what some of my meals for the next few days would look like:


Mixed mushroom with lettuce wrap for breakfast.




Spaghetti aglio olio with carrots and mushroom for lunch, leftovers for dinner.




I think I need to start learning some Indian vegetarian recipes because they’re the most delicious vegetarian food I’ve tasted!


2 thoughts on “Little Miss F(l)ab – Update 1

  1. eliminate sweet drinks dear..even that soya bean drink!..a month of plain water and your normal diet and the weight just ‘melts’ off..

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