Little Miss F(l)ab – Update 2

I think blogging about my efforts could help in my resolve, so here goes!

Yesterday I went out with some of my maternals and finally got a vital part of the wedding down! (That means a 4P post would be coming up!) So what’s that gotta do with my PP FnF effort? (I just realised how Singaporean I am with this fondness for acronyms.) Well I cancelled my Zumba class in order to go get this done, which is a thumbs down, but I’m sure the lots of walking could make up for it a bit.

Before going out, I had this for breakfast:

Potato fried in Happy Call pan with olive oil, Italian seasoning, black pepper and salt, butterhead lettuce (which I ate on its own at first but since it was a bit bitter I rolled it around the potato and ate them together) and soya bean milk.

I did consider what I would have for lunch. Knowing where we were going, the eatery of choice would have been Indian, and this isn’t vegetarian Indian, it’s briyani-murtabak Indian. (I can so empathise with vegetarians now!) So since I didn’t eat all the potato (I sliced two potatoes and probably ate 1 and 3 fifth?), I decided to just pack the remainder, plus some sliced and similarly Happy Call pan-fried mushroom from the mixed mushroom pack i bought (but I took only the one that looks like shiitake mushroom – portobello?)

When we were done with shopping and praying, it was finally time to eat. While the others had mutton briyani, chicken murtabak, and plain rice with dishes respectively, I ate what I packed and took some of the briyani rice with pickled cucumbers but skipped the mutton, and took small corners of the murtabak that didn’t have chicken in it (there was probably egg, though).

That night for dinner, I ate an apple and three relatively thin slices of French loaf dipped in fish curry (without the fish of course).

Today, I went with my sister for a pilates class by Dee Dee, that quite renowned Malay fitness instructor. Besides paying $10 for that class, I invested in these:

Dynaband, required for the class.


‘Move like Dee Dee’ DVD, for the ‘homework’ that she gives her girls!

We stayed back after the class to talk to her for a bit, and we found out she’s 48 years old! Slimmer and fitter than me! I intend to follow her weekend classes in addition to my current classes at the other centre. Along with following the DVD, this means I would have an exercise slot every day (provided I don’t get lazy on exercising at home). She also has this ‘Get in Shape Together’ programme in December which would also include the psychology (ways to motivate yourself) behind regular effort at exercising! Which my sister and I have put our names down for.

This feel-good post doesn’t end that well though. I cheated on my meat and fast food fast after the pilates class. We were in a rush so I only managed to down a glass of soya bean milk before leaving my house. My sister neither ate nor drank anything. She wanted to eat at Long John Silver’s. I was hungry too, but tried to think of any place else in the area I could get vegetarian and non-fast food, but couldn’t. So I went for the best option I could find at LJS:

French toast.

I ate just 1 and 3 quarter slices though, one quarter going to my sister. I packed the 3rd slice home. I ate the toast plain without the maple syrup. I had it with what I thought was tea, but smelled like it was mixed with coffee but then we concluded it was coffee (we both asked for tea), without sugar or creamer! And it wasn’t that bad as the coffee masquerading as tea wasn’t that strong. It just tasted like warm water with a slight flavour.

I’m not going to beat myself up over that slight infringement. It’s not like I’m going to have that for brunch everyday. And now that I’m home, I can go back to my resolve! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Little Miss F(l)ab – Update 2

    • Hmm wholegrain crackers must be the Swedish kind? Would Jacob’s wholemeal crackers do? Haha it’s only been 2 days. Need to start planning ahead when it comes to meals outside. Anyway if it’s just with my sister she wouldn’t make a fuss if I choose not to buy any meal from the eatery where we’re at, but if it was with my mom and aunts, they’d probably worry (and feel bad?) that I’m not buying anything to eat and I’m just eating fruit and crackers.

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