Living The Unexpected

Double posting; see newer post.
Two weeks and a day ago, 14 December 2012, is a significant date for me, and for us as well. Two weeks and a day ago, 14 December 2012, this blog would have welcomed the addition of a countdown widget, because that day marks the one-year countdown to our special day. This date next year, I would marry him, and him me. (InsyaAllah – God-willing.)

But as you can see, there isn’t any countdown thingamajig anywhere to the right, left, above or below. That’s because something else happened that made 14 December 2012 an even more significant date; a date that literally, single-handedly, changed my life – and to a certain extent, his. It’s a change that might be lifelong, a change I might have to live with every single day of my life.

If each one of us has at least one great challenge of life written in our respective destinies, then I would consider what happened on this day as precisely that one great challenge (or, the beginning of a series of challenges, depending on what lies in the future for me.) Because, despite my complaints and whines, life has been good to me. Life IS still good to me, alhamdulillah, all praises to God. This date marked a great test of my faith, my will to live and keep on living – albeit with a new reality – and showed me the abundance of love I have from the dear ones to me, from him especially.

(So no, the wedding’s not cancelled, you drama queens! ;p)

And because this is so life-changing, and so much bigger than a wedding, it deserves its own space.

A space called Living The Unexpected, because for now, that’s what it is for me.


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