In happier news…

I can fit back into my very first pair of Levi’s jeans! If I’m not wrong it was a size 25 or 26 when I bought it like close to 10 years ago, but with wear it has of course expanded along with me, though not by much. Just some months back I had to squeeeeeze myself into it, practically forcing my thighs through, and get this! I couldn’t zip it up because my tummy was too big! But I wore it anyway, with a loose top; it’s practically stuck on my thighs there’s no way it would slip down on its own despite being unzipped. (Yes, it had to be taken off the same way it was put on – with a squeeeeeze through.) And now, NOW, it practically glides over my thighs and I can zip it up with no problem! Altogether now, let’s gelek-gelek Zumba!

I’m also happy to report that I can now wear the denim knee-length dress I bought online some time back. It has an hourglass silhouette and so it’s pretty nipped in at the waist, with smocking at the back. I have never worn it because it was too tight. But now, NOW – yes you guessed it – I can fit into it, and I have worn it to work yesterday since it’s casual Friday!

So there you go! I’m gladly embracing and enjoying this new body, even if it could have actually been achieved as a result of a symptom of my then undiagnosed condition. 🙂


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