You are conditionally invited…

There’s another post I wanted to finish typing since it’s been sitting as a draft for more than a week now, but this is more urgent.

I need opinions again. This time round, it’s about my guestlist. Or rather, guest numbers. More specifically, who to invite. The caterer I mentioned recently is coming tomorrow tonight (31 March) to speak personally with my parents and face-to-face with me, finally, so I need to settle this dilemma I have about who to invite because that would determine guest numbers, which would affect the price of the catering service.

Now, initially I set the number of guests to invite at 500; 400 would be determined by my parents, and 100 by me.

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Memories money can – or can’t – buy (the brief encounter)

So I’ve decided to just continue yesterday’s post in a new post. Here it goes:

Note: This post is a continuation from this one. (Now that I think of it, this is also published on a public holiday, just like the previous one. I sure hope it wouldn’t take me til the next public holiday to finish the series!)

I do understand that the mister and I, as newly-weds, would be the stars of the wedding. After all, we would have paid a bomb a reasonable amount of money to make our customised outfits and to have someone make me up, so it’s also reasonable that we want our own photographs taken. After all, that day would mark a special beginning in our lives and that day would be the day we look extra handsome and pretty.

However, a wedding is much more than just being about the bride and groom. A wedding is a joyous occasion shared and celebrated with others. While it’s nice to see photographs of yourself as a gorgeous couple, after seeing X versions of yourself, it gets old. What I look forward to seeing in my wedding album would be photographs of my beautiful BIG family, both nuclear and extended: the usual ‘squeeze everyone into one frame’ shot, adorable kids just being kids, my pretty girl cousins, the ‘rilek one corner’ male cousins, the kecoh makcik pakcik who can be quite a riot in their sakat menyakat ways. And I would like to see them not just in formal pose-with-the-newly-weds shots, but also see them in action mingling, teasing, socialising, laughing, enjoying the food and basically enjoying themselves.

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Decisions, decisions

I initially wanted to post this dilemma I’m in on the Cozy Cot Malay / Muslim weddings forum, but then I realised it’s way too long for a forum post so I doubt anyone will entertain my question there. I’m hoping the kakak-kakak kahwin network of bloggers that I have made friends with virtually / blog followers I’ve gathered over these few months would campak your opinions on this crucial decision I’m about to make! So please, you guys! I have faith in you so give me as many comments as you can OK!

I didn’t want to talk about it here initially because it would mean revealing a part of my proposed budget, and I didn’t want to do that because, well, I intended to get the whole wedding over and done with first! Money is a sensitive issue when it comes to parents and their faces (I really hate this F word), and although I am the one footing the whole entire bill, not them, however when it comes to money spent on the wedding, it still is a big deal to them.

No, they’re not expecting me to spend $60 k like those parents in the Refleksi drama; in fact they know I am striving to keep costs as low as possible and they know the words ‘wedding’ and ‘budget’ are practically Siamese twins in my dictionary. However, they still prefer that money-related information are kept within the nuclear family first, and should other people like their friends or extended family or relatives need to know because they’re curious or are doing some early surveying, they should approach them personally and not find out from outside sources, like oh, the internet.

Now, I know that I have family (some siblings, aunts, cousins) among my (silent) readers, so I am taking a big risk here. However, after that above preamble I hope you would continue your silence and keep whatever you have been reading to yourselves. I have faith in you guys too ok! 

Alright. *Takes deep breath.* Here goes!

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The Unveiling

In conjunction with my 27th birthday today (but I *think* I can still pass off as 17 lah.. from the back at least! Hahaha), I thought I’d do a little unveiling…

Not of my hijab lah! I know I sound like I’m so going to do it, but I’m not saying I’m so not going to do it either; never say never to doing anything (ok except maybe going clubbing, for me) okay, otherwise if you change your mind or perspective or stance in the future you’d have to swallow all your words back!

So where was I?

Oh yes, a little unveiling as to my identity.. albeit with my veil still on..

So, you’re ready for it?

Here it goes…
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I miss this space

And for once, I haven’t got an idea what to write that’s not too personal to share.

Oh ok, besides the fact that tomorrow’s my birthday (last one as a single lady!) and I’m celebrating it by voluntarily returning to work despite it being the start of my one week ‘off’. Yes, boring life I lead. But there’s dinner with the family (one set of parents, 4 siblings, 3 siblings-in-law, 2 nephews, 2 nieces, 2 stepnieces, 1 helper) to look forward to! We’re having seafood! Ok, which reminds me, I shall use the time between the half day at work and dinner to do some shopping! For the two brothers whose birthdays also fall in March! Although I suspect I might just get them vouchers from NTUC / Courts / Kiddy Palace from CapitaMalls or AsiaMalls or somewhere where they can choose to get something for themselves or their wives or their kids. What, don’t send me virtual stares – they’re family men! It just might make them happy to have some extra ‘cash’ to indulge their wives or kids or both rather than themselves on their birthday! And I’m all for choice because I’m bad at thinking of gifts for people.

So some of you may wonder, why aren’t I celebrating it with the mister?

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Pengantin pelik punya persalinan (part keenam) aka What Makes a Good Wife – Criteria #2

News flash! News flash!

Well as you can gather, this isn’t a critical review of the marriage preparatory course we attended last week (of which the deadline I so have to extend to ‘within the month’ from ‘within the week’ because I have set my mind on dedicating this weekend to being productive, work-wise, personal space-wise).

So back to the news flash! Well it’s a turnaround from my low-cost, low-frills, stretch-my-dollars wedding budget motto: I’m going to have full-on bridal outfits from a proper bridal, the kind with a proper, retail shop!

Why the turnaround?

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