I miss this space

And for once, I haven’t got an idea what to write that’s not too personal to share.

Oh ok, besides the fact that tomorrow’s my birthday (last one as a single lady!) and I’m celebrating it by voluntarily returning to work despite it being the start of my one week ‘off’. Yes, boring life I lead. But there’s dinner with the family (one set of parents, 4 siblings, 3 siblings-in-law, 2 nephews, 2 nieces, 2 stepnieces, 1 helper) to look forward to! We’re having seafood! Ok, which reminds me, I shall use the time between the half day at work and dinner to do some shopping! For the two brothers whose birthdays also fall in March! Although I suspect I might just get them vouchers from NTUC / Courts / Kiddy Palace from CapitaMalls or AsiaMalls or somewhere where they can choose to get something for themselves or their wives or their kids. What, don’t send me virtual stares – they’re family men! It just might make them happy to have some extra ‘cash’ to indulge their wives or kids or both rather than themselves on their birthday! And I’m all for choice because I’m bad at thinking of gifts for people.

So some of you may wonder, why aren’t I celebrating it with the mister?

Because he’s working tomorrow. He forgot that my birthday falls within my one week ‘off’ *slaps head*, when all these years that has been the case. But it’s okay, I’m chill about it because we had a short and sweet celebration today! I treated him to lunch at a new place near my place (well it’s not that new, just that we don’t go there often so we haven’t tried it out) because he had been working since his birthday on the 14th (yes, we’re born 4 days apart!) so I didn’t get the chance to meet him for his birthday too (the day before he had his exam).

After lunch I gave him my small gift, and he gave me my big one! I’m literally talking about sizes here, not value!  He actually sent me a sneak peek of my gift almost 2 weeks ago!


Prior to the sneak peek, he couldn’t contain his excitement at scoring himself a gift for my birthday, that he told me much earlier on: “I got your birthday present already.” (Ok to be honest, he was driven to reveal his achievement because we were having a little argument and I had implied he didn’t care about my feelings / think about me, so he disclosed to me that he’s got my present, which he had happened to chance upon – rather than while on a deliberate mission to look for it – to prove that he always has me in his thoughts such that everything he sees he somehow sees a connection to me.)

Of course I was excited and I wanted to know what it was and yet I didn’t want to know what it was, because then there’d be no surprise / ‘specialness’ on my actual birthday. I actually tried to negotiate with him to give me clues, like, once a day or every few days til it’s finally my birthday, but then I got busy with work and we kinda got busy… with some major arguing… so we forgot about it. But now we’ve made up and since he’s off work today, the eve of my birthday, we met to celebrate and pass each other’s gifts!

I must admit I was pretty impressed to see from the photo that the gift was all wrapped up prettily… because this boy usually doesn’t bother with gift wrap. Today, however,  revealed that he still doesn’t really care that much about appearances:


Looks okay from the top… but wait!


Masking tape! Gift wrap no no!


Wrapping paper tak cukup lah dey!

Hahahah. But you’ve gotta give him credit for trying! But next time (as in next year), we all know who will do the gift wrapping for gifts to family and friends!

So what did he get me?


A compact ankles / feet / calves / arms / palms massager! The actual thing is in my perennial favourite colour, RED.

Of course there’s a story about this: A month or so back, he had called me out of the blue and asked me a random question: “Hey, do your feet get sore?”

I thought it was odd of him to ask out of the blue,  and especially since I don’t recall ever complaining of sore feet. So.of course I asked him why he’s asking.

He didn’t answer, obviously,  but just added to his question: “You’re a *insert name of profession*, don’t your feet get tired and sore?”

I told him not really, since I wear ballet
flats or cushioned leather shoes to work. If I wear heels, then my feet may get tired rather than sore. I forgot to add that I’m more likely to get sore and aching feet after some hours of mall-trawling, which I rarely do nowadays.

Again, I pressed him for a reason as to why he’s asking. He just dismissively said, oh nothing, it’s just something he read on Yahoo news about those in my profession having sore and aching feet.

I was in the middle of talking to my sister when he made that call, so I mentioned what he said to her. I did notice the oddity and randomness of the whole thing, but I shrugged it off while feeling a wee bit touched that he remembered and was concerned for me while reading about things related to my profession (as far as I can recall, the previous times he was concerned, they were about impending good news – pay raise – or hazards of my profession which he can be a little paranoid about, especially concerning my activities online).

When my sister found out what his gift was, she mentioned that phone call and said no wonder he had asked about my feet! No wonder, indeed! Pandai eh ini mama(t) cover story. Yahoo news konon!

Anyway, of course I tried it out right away and I’m glad to see it’s pretty straightforward to use! Especially for a tech / gadget ignoramus / can’t-be-bothered-to-figure-it-out person like me! He knows me well, this boy. The only thing I wish it had was a convertability to be used on my neck and shoulders – for me they’re the parts that usually ache and get sore, rather than my legs. It’s okay, dear, I guess now you’ve got next year’s birthday gift covered! *hint hint haha*

And so goes yet another post where I start off thinking *this will be the shortest post ever* but then see how it has exponentially exploded! I’ll never be capable of being short on words. I think short on height I shall forever be, hahahah.


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