The Unveiling

In conjunction with my 27th birthday today (but I *think* I can still pass off as 17 lah.. from the back at least! Hahaha), I thought I’d do a little unveiling…

Not of my hijab lah! I know I sound like I’m so going to do it, but I’m not saying I’m so not going to do it either; never say never to doing anything (ok except maybe going clubbing, for me) okay, otherwise if you change your mind or perspective or stance in the future you’d have to swallow all your words back!

So where was I?

Oh yes, a little unveiling as to my identity.. albeit with my veil still on..

So, you’re ready for it?

Here it goes…






TA-DAH! Hahahahahahahah!

This Osama-ified photo is brought to you by my mister! Apparently my supersized shades irritated him enough to get his irritant creative juices doodling! By the way, this photo was taken on 12 Feb 2013, before I set off on my quick getaway with my sister and cousins over the sea, where I managed to get something wedding-related done (more on that in another post).

Thanks sayang! Now time to figure out how to make it into my avatar, or gravatar, or whatever. Tips, anyone? 😀


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