When there’s a will…

… there’s a way.

I just did some major nifty scrambling to get my way with regards to something wedding-related. Now I don’t know why I did it when it’s very much based on a hunch / gut feeling / online review, with my having absolutely no personal experience or contact with it, but this just goes to show how I have that seboleh-boleh sampai tak boleh streak (which, I believe is the cause of many of our major arguments; the recent one – before our birthdays – being one that might be the subject of an objective post, or a privatised one).

It might also be an indication of how I love that rare challenge or two, along with some risk-taking, and scheming. (YES, boring old me gets cheap thrills now and then.)

And let’s just say, for now, that this challenge and the related nifty move can be attributed to my being a silent stalker, even addict, of BTB blogs, and of course their respective writers for being such darlings with information. I shall not say t***k g******s yet, because I have yet to know whether things will indeed go my way.

Suffice to say, this significant occurrence has pushed me out of the inertia I have been in, with regards to wedding planning. My mister knows of this inertia all too well – he has been witness to my setting myself deadlines (which I set because he keeps asking me when I would settle it), which I keep extending for some reason or another. Yes, besides being the pengantin (bride) who is pelik (odd / weird), petite, perfectionist (in an imperfect way), particular or peculiar (in my tastes and ideas and principles), you can also add another ‘P’ word to the description: Procrastinator.

So, following that nifty move, here’s a list of what I have done, and shall do within this week:

1. I have contacted the decorator and scheduled a tentative appointment this weekend.

To do: Retrieve those screenshots of wedding decor with my preferred colour scheme from my old iPhone, search for more examples, compile into a sort of moodboard / inspiration board (I might just use the web tool that I have used a few times in my line of work), and email to the decorator by Thursday.

2. To do: Go to the bridal at JC with the mister and FMIL tomorrow to browse and choose that simple yet elegant gown. I’m kind of excited yet apprehensive – oh God please let our tastes coincide again! (And while You’re at it please let her be so wedding-focused that she doesn’t mention that marriage-related topic.)

3. To do: Confirm my hunch / gut feeling by having a private conversation tonight (and swearing the person I’m conversing with to absolute secrecy) with regards to my impending decision. And after that, hope and pray and hope and pray that things would go my way.

Please, please, please. Let this be IT.


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