A little decluttering

I’ve got so many things I want to write about, so many things on my mind that I can’t concentrate when I was praying Subuh (my bad), but I want today to be productive work-wise, personal life-wise instead of blog-wise and wedding-planning-wise. So I’ve given myself 20 minutes (serious, I set my phone timer) to just sort out my thoughts (or rather the stuff I want to write about) and list them down so I won’t forget. Here goes:

1. Reviewing and renewing intentions: a little self-reflection on what is driving me to ‘die-die’ want to stick to a certain budget, and striking that balance between my goals and parental preferences that are inevitably linked to parental blessings

2. Why he’s good for me: Gems of wisdom from my mister (I wanted to say ‘nuggets’ but I abhor nuggets, the artificial, highly processed, full-of-preservatives-and-chemicals ‘food’, so gems, being a more straightforward way to mean ‘valuable’, it is) – being consistent with my principles

3. Passion vs Practicality: I may not be cut out for my job but I can actually do better if I’m more organised plus it pays well, but I’ve been dragging myself to work and it doesn’t give me that same thrill and adrenaline rush and a sense of empowerment as doing my own thing,¬† which I briefly did before on a small scale, but it has great benefits plus (again) it pays well and I am very comfortable financially because of it and even though the mister thinks we can live survive with only him holding a proper permanent job alone in the future, my view of the future includes lots of travelling (without kids), which cannot be sustained on a ‘survival’ pay

Ok I’ve used up 5 extra minutes! Til that proper post, ta ta ti ti tu tu…


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