As smooth and clean as a baby?

I saw something in my email inbox today which reminded me of Eleventh October and her ‘Unorthodox Bride Questions’. I should add here that I wanted to thank her for asking such questions so that I don’t have to! Heheh.

I have been intending to do something about my ‘forest down under’ (haha) before my wedding and this online voucher seems like a good idea, especially since it offers a permanent ‘deforestation’ if you get what I mean. I’m so tempted to purchase it but the company is located in town – and you could say I’m a country bumpkin because I hate going to town. However since I also have a facial package somewhere in town (like a few train stops away), I guess I could schedule some Saturdays as personal grooming cum self-indulgence day – I should look and feel good top to bottom for the big day, no? So, should I?


10 thoughts on “As smooth and clean as a baby?

    • It takes multiple sessions though, which is why this is a great deal because for $138 you get unlimited sessions for a year. You can click on the link in the post to be redirected to the voucher page. 🙂

    • I pakai tudung also but didn’t really think about the malu part until you mentioned it, haha. I mean it’s only the thought of the procedure itself that’s making me shy, not walking into the place because it is more of a general beauty salon rather than one that specialises in that area, like Strip etc.. so when you walk in people wouldn’t know also what treatment you’re getting because they do nails and face too.. but kalau nak ikutkan rasa malu, takkan terbuatlah.. Maybe you can sign up with a close girlfriend and go together?

    • Actually I’ve tried underarm IPL too but I thought maybe it didn’t really work because I went too infrequently / let time lapse too long between sessions.. I’ve never heard of alpha laser before.. But at least IPL is not as painful as waxing, right?

  1. HAHAHAHAAH TO THE FOREST PART! Haiyo you so kelakar lah. But should you decide to go (and if it does work), do update us k! Cause…erm…I online ajer tak tau malu. If you suruh I kangkang untuk random pompuan in a face mask….i think i will probably be hanging around OUTSIDE the salon at war with myself if nak masuk and kangkang or nak lari and cabut <-no pun intended though technically takkan ada orang yang cabut forest down under lah, semua shave kan?…hahahahahahaha

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