The Virgin Brazilian – A Little Background

Here it is! It’s the real deal, girls!

(By the way, congratulations for making it to this exclusive reader list! Haha… right.)

Now wouldn’t you all be so excited to read THE actual post? Well I started typing this out with the intention of making it THE post, but as usual, my long grandmother storytelling tendency took over, so this shall be a little (long) introduction to the whole historic moment.

So, as all of you know, I just went (just, as in at 1pm on Saturday, 13 April 2013) for my virgin brazilian waxing session. Now, I thought I would be totally hesitant and super shy and consider it a gazilion times before I pluck up the courage to go. Surprisingly, this was a totally spontaneous decision. Why is that?

Here’s a little background:

I am guilty of neglecting my mister for the past two weeks or so. And neglecting here means, basically going for days without actually engaging in a proper text conversation with him. We are not the sort of couple who meet every day, or every weekend. We could go on for weeks not meeting (and I dare say, up to month (s)!), especially since he works crazy irregular shifts (not even three days work, two days off etc – it’s just quite random and his roster changes every month), with lecture / tutorial nights on his days off. I’m fine with not meeting – I’m the sort of person who is actually quite happy left alone to do my own thing and I can get pretty engrossed in my own world! However, for him, to make up for not meeting, he likes to be in constant communication with me, so that’s where our text conversations come in (calls are a rare thing for us since he doesn’t have his own room to have private conversations with me).

Now, what’s so hard about texting, right? It’s my bad, really, for being so caught up in the rut that is my work. So much so that I don’t have the mood to do anything except go to work, come back, eat, zone out in front of the television, and then sleep. I hardly text him, and I leave him ‘stranded’ at night by making him wonder whether I’m still awake (and available to reach, for whatever matter) or already asleep. Even on weekends I get caught up surfing the net (wow, that is such an early 2000’s term) or just doing personal chores. So the mister got really mad and exploded on Friday. There was even talk of calling the whole thing off. Yes, the whole wedding thing. That’s how mad he was.

To make up for it I thought I’d give him a surprise by going for brazilian waxing by appearing at his workplace with one of his favourite food, briyani, and perhaps we could have lunch together! Now what has this got to do with the brazilian? Well, there’s this restaurant in the Arab Street area which makes a superb version of briyani, which he had praised before (his mom makes the best briyani, and I attest to that, so for him to praise briyani made by other people means it’s really good) . I also wanted to do my eyebrow and upper lip threading before meeting him, since I had also been neglecting my personal grooming. So, put the the three things together (kiss and make up briyani, Arab street, and threading) and that’s how I got to THE VIRGIN BRAZILIAN.

Want to read the actual experience and review? Send me some link love please! (You can read the instructions here.)


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