The Virgin Brazilian – Be Brazen

So my body responded to my mental / emotional stress and now I’m down with fever. And what better way to spend time while waiting for my turn to see the doctor, than to blog, right?

Let’s pick up from the little background – since I was heading to the Arab Street area and I was looking for a place to do my threading, I turned to Google and keyed in ‘threading bugis’. I was thinking of a shop in Bugis Junction or nearby as I would be taking the train there. On page 2 of the search results, this link caught my attention as it is described as “located in the heart of Arab St”:


How convenient, right?

So I clicked on the link and got to the Facebook page:


Scrolled down a bit and saw that they do henna too:


So it must be a Malay shop, right? Haha I know it could be Indian too lah, but somehow I can’t help but associate Arab Street with Malay.

Anyway, I then turned to the About page to read further about their services:





Sounds comprehensive and professional, doesn’t it? Of course the waxing services caught my eye – they even have waxing for the nipples! *hehehe*

I’m a sucker for words and good grammar, so the fact that this Frangipani place bothered to provide a comprehensive list of services, in reassuring language, got me hooked. Since I’m going there for threading and they provide brazilian waxing too, which is something I have been considering, I thought, why not do both?

So this, ladies, is NIKE’S pengantinpelik’s tip no. #1 for overcoming the shyness of going for that virgin brazilian: JUST DO IT! Don’t overthink it, don’t imagine the sordid details (like how Eleventh October imagined having to kangkang for random stranger) – just do it! You know you want to get it done,  you know the result is SO going to be worth the shyness and the (seconds of) pain! So just do it!

Ok ah, cheerleading over. Haha.

Next, tip no. #2: Go with the flow / your gut feeling. Once I had made up my mind to go get it done, I decided to contact the place. Since the number given was a mobile number,  I thought I’d try reaching her by Whatsapp.



So this is what I mean by go with the flow. You set your mind to it, and once things are set in motion, go with the flow, go ahead without second thoughts! As you see above, it really is fated that I do my brazilian waxing then and there – the slot freed up at just the opportune moment. Anyway I also like the fact that the owner cum waxer promptly replied to my WA message so early in the morning. Her shop only opens at 11.30 but she responded as early as 8.49! Now this is what I call a customer-oriented way of doing business. My gut feeling told me to just go go go since it’s the right time, the right place and from the messages, the right (friendly and professional) waxer! So, go I did. 🙂

Ok, last tip for the day! Tip no. #3: Know your own comfort level. What do I mean by that? As you all know, I wear the hijab. So for me, I would feel too shy to walk into popular waxing places (so far I’ve heard of Fabulous Tan, Pink Parlour and Strip) located in malls, because it seems too public. Hence, Frangipani as a “secret cosy beauty place” appealed to me. Furthermore, the waxers at the big shops would probably be Chinese, and I have nothing against them (my facialist is Chinese) but to reveal that part of me where the sun doesn’t shine to a non-Malay is just too uncomfortable for me. For some people, it’s the opposite; they’d rather someone from a different ethnicity do it for them. All of us have our own preferences.

The other thing you need to know about yourself is whether you want company for moral support, or whether you prefer to go alone so you don’t have to deal with thoughts of others imagining – or hearing – you getting the procedure done. If you’re the former, get a girlfriend to accompany you there, or better still, the both of you get it done (not in the same room at the same time, obviously). That way, you can motivate each other – if your girlfriend’s done it before she can tell you she’s living proof that you can survive a brazilian (haha), if it’s her first time too you can, I dunno, hold each other’s hand while waiting to go into the room? Haha. Whatever way that you guys can do to psyche each other up.

As for me, I’m fine both ways but since I’m so used to doing things on my own, I went alone. I was going to rush off to buy that briyani right after the session anyway, so it’s not like I could do a celebratory lunch after that with anyone whom I ask to accompany me.

Anyway I’m finally back home from the doctor’s, so I guess this tip-filled post ends here!

Send me some link love before I finally get to THE ULTIMATE VIRGIN BRAZILIAN EXPERIENCE post! Yes I promise the next post would be IT! Read instructions here for my special request. 😀


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