The Ultimate DIY Wedding Dress

A quick one before I take a (really late) shower.

I was clicking on a link shared by my friend Sya on FB (whom I have already mentioned on this blog to be kind of my news feed for everything humanity and eco related), and then I saw on the right, a link to a story about a lady who got married in a $36 wedding dress DIY-ed from bread tags!


Apparently she happened to have been collecting the bread tags since years ago and it became a running joke with her boyfriend that they’d get married once she has enough tags to make a dress! Ok I think that’s what the story is, from my quick read! Read the full story here.

Now this is like totally combining kakak myweddreams’ infographic on designing your own wedding dress and kakak pretty orkid cum DIY Queen’s tendencies (tapi dengar-dengar dah turun takhta kasi mahkota pada kakak eleventh october eh – btw, tahniah awak, tak sabar nak tengok muka awak terpampang kat website banner LOL)!

This lady even blogged about her journey in putting together Nadine (oh yes, she gave the dress a name!) So if any of you out there want to grab that Wedding DIY Queen title from the two kakaks up there, start collecting something from now and learn the ropes here to construct your own Melur / Melati / Cempaka! Or how about naming your dress after me, since I gave you the idea? Hahahah *shameless*! But my name has a good meaning hokay!

Now, let me see, what do I have around the house that have been collecting for years? Ada pun buku dengan suratkhabar berlambak-lambak ah! Bapak aku punya khazanah! Macam ni jadi lebai pengantin malang, baik lupakan sudah!


6 thoughts on “The Ultimate DIY Wedding Dress

  1. HAHAHAHAHA OH MY. Really ah must put my face as banner? Lol!!!

    Ish no lah, i angan angan nak buat DIY decor but belum tahu lagi if menjadi ke tak

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