(Attempt at) Everyday Pretty

It’s yet another public holiday which yet again has to be dedicated to work (what’s new, right?) But the end is near and I really can’t wait for my proper break in two to three weeks’ time! And as usual I am procrastinating on starting work but I’m just itching to blog about this so that I shall do, to get it out of my system.

It’s also to give you guys – and myself – a break from the serious nature of my recent posts. It’s exhausting, not to mention frustrating, thinking about all that is wrong in this world which I cannot fix (and this is the cue for my mister’s words of ‘wisdom’: Jaga pantat sendiri dulu, focus on getting your shit together, tak payah sibuk-sibuk nak save the world. To which my answer is: I am not trying to save the world. If for each time something wrong happens, everyone looks away because it’s not happening to them, and because they think they have their own problems they need to fix first, then the wrongs, the injustice, the suffering will continue. And it is important to speak up, if that’s the least one can do, so that the wrongs don’t go unresisted that they become normal.)

Now where was I? This was supposed to be a light-hearted post but now I think I totally ruined it by thinking aloud. So this shall be a prologue, or rather, an attempt at Everyday Pretty.


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