Everyday Pretty

Something that appeared recently in my FB feed made me excited and squeal like a little girl (inwardly, that is). It has to do with my bridal room.

Now, although I had written that I don’t see any need to decorate my bridal room, not in the typical sense anyway, to keep my mother happy I am still going to decorate it minimally in a style I’ll call ‘Everyday Pretty’. That means, the outcome would be nothing particularly ostentatious, and whatever decorative items I use (curtains, bedlinen etc) would be something I find pleasant but simple enough to be reused any other day.

I had already bought some cheap but nice tab top curtains (my mom calls them langsir coli haha) at a sale last November (I know, slightly more than a year before the wedding, how kiasu and kancheong right). They were in the colour I like, but a hard colour to find so I grabbed them right away:


(Pardon the lighting and my laziness to take the curtains out of the plastic packaging, so the colour is a little muted.)

So the next thing would be to have nice bedlinen to go with them. I’ve always been a sucker for nice bedlinen /bedsheets and the rare times I do go out shopping (online shopping is so much more convenient) and I find nice bedsheets on sale, I would usually buy. So of course when you combine online shopping with what I’m a sucker for, in the form of FB sellers, my bank account is in danger my inner fangirl surfaced.

This bedlinen set would have gone so well with the curtains!!!


Amek kau bunga sebesar tidak. Tak payah beli bunga betul ke bunga bedek ke bunga pintal sendiri! Hahahaha.

But! But! Notice the kind of verb I used? I said would have (what is that? Past participle? Present perfect? Whatever lah).

Yes, those sheets would have gone so well with my curtains, if only they weren’t already sold out. 😦

There are many other everyday pretty options too! Nak tengok tak, nak tengok tak, nak tengok tak? Nak tahu siapa jual tak? Well if you’re really, really, reallly interested to see more of what’s on offer and who this seller is, do click the LIKE button below or leave a comment!

I will get to work on that post later because now I’ve got to get to the other work that I actually get paid to do. So do click the LIKE button or leave a comment, ok! 😀


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