Save Money, The Pengantin Pelik Pelokek Way – Petua Pertama


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Here it is! Petua pertama (First tip; I have encountered some young people using ‘kesatu’ instead of ‘pertama’ *slap hand on forehead and shake head in disbelief*)


I have my mister to thank for pointing out this way of saving money to me. If I’m ‘pelokek’, then he’s a scrooge! Now what system am I talking about? It’s the other thing that is certain in life: TAXES. The first being death, of course.

I recently paid my income tax. I’ve been in the workforce for four years now. In my first year being employed, I didn’t have to pay any income tax. In my second year, I could no longer escape being taxed because I passed my probation and got officially promoted, and there’s also the yearly increment that pushed my annual income into the ‘earning enough to be taxed’ category. The amount I had to pay was not too big but not small either.

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She’s Someone

A woman is her own person. Often, when talking about respecting and treating women the right way, men are reminded that a woman is someone’s sister / mother / daughter / wife, and then they are asked to imagine how they would feel if someone disrespects or ill-treats their own sister / mother / daughter / wife. Why the need to point out that she ‘belongs’ to somebody? Why can’t a woman be respected and treated right because she is someone, she is a person just like you?

Love, InshAllah


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Save Money, The Pengantin Pelik Pelokek Way

I think I have at least 3 draft posts pending continuation and publication, but I just felt like starting a new series (bear in mind I’ve yet to finish the What Makes A ‘Good’ Wife Objection series;  prologue here, objection #1 here, objection #2 here); reason being that I’m in the mood to be positive and share something I have been meaning to share for some time.

As the title goes, it is about saving money. But! I’m calling it Save Money, The Pengantin Pelik Pelokek Way  because I’m going to share how I did (and still am doing) it! And why use the word ‘pelokek’ (stingy) rather than something more positive like ‘penjimat’ (thrifty)?

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Moving-In Day!

Ok I have been guilty of moping around at home, literally shutting myself in from the haze (all windows closed, thank goodness for airconditioning – although my mom might shriek at next month’s electricity bill – oh wells, now’s the time to dip into the bit of extra cash that has been accumulating in the bank – I don’t give my parents $800 a month for nothing, you know, and there’s also the amount contributed by at least 3 other siblings). By right I should have had plenty of time to update, but for some reason inertia set in and I owe my fellow BTBs at least 3 emails (I still can’t find that brochure Sha…. sorry!) Which I will get to soon, promise!

Anyway, on to the title of this blog. It’s moving-in day! For my our bed at my place, that is.

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I’m back!

From a never-intended hiatus, that is.

I’m at the hospital now – no, no, I did not land myself in ICU again, God forbid – for my post DKA checkup. I really should update the other blog, but anyhoos, as we all know hospital appointments are like 80% waiting and 20% actual interaction with medical professionals (including the time taken to take my height and weight and 2 vials of blood) so I’ve got some spare time on my hands.

So what has happened since my last original post (reblogs not counted)? Well I went for that work trip, got back, bummed around at home for a day, went back to work voluntarily to finish backlogged work and here I am today at the hospital. Oh yeah, and I got some wedding-related stuff done! Namely:

1. Bunga telur / pahar ideas

2. Bed at my mister’s place (I consider this more marriage-related than wedding-related, as it’s a long term investment. The story of how we acquired the beds – yes there’s another bed for my place – is a draft I started some time back so wait for it!)

3. Berkats (wedding favours / door gifts) – yes all 500 pieces of them! And I’m finding the process of packaging them to be quite therapeutic! Yeah so they’re semi-DIY.

5. More materials (used receptacles) received from my sister for my guest table centrepiece DIY idea!

Ok I hope I can get around to writing about all 5 of them (and more) while I’m still on leave from work. Til the next post!

PS: Anyone interested in a bridal bouquet discount voucher giveaway?