Help! Suggestions needed!

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this earlier!

I’m going on a work trip really soon, like tomorrow! And I need to get something for our hosts as tokens of appreciation. Now, what’s cheap, useful / has aesthetic value, and uniquely Singaporean? Something that would be appreciated by villagers in Malaysia.

Please give me suggestions! I need about 7 pieces and preferably something that I can get from Arab Street or town as I’m going for two appointments at those two places…

Thanks in advance, guys!


4 thoughts on “Help! Suggestions needed!

  1. hi babe, u can try getting a lil something from Chomel (at taka, ion, 313, paragon).. its actually a Sg-based brand. Baru tadi i walked past during lunch, they r having a sale. 😀 and if ur at arab st, i reckon there r a lot of those little shops selling Sg souvenirs at cheap $$$..

    • I didn’t read your comment when it came in around the time I was on the hunt for souvenirs in arab street! :-/
      But you’re right, I eventually got them pretty Singapore-themed fridge magnets and postcards (on which to write thank you messages) from Arab Street. 🙂

  2. Gula merah.

    Trust me babe, even if this sounds so trivial and cheapo, they dont have gula merah (the one you eat with appam/putu mayam) over in MY 🙂

    • Really? Then what would they eat it with? I’m already in Malaysia so I can’t get gula merah but thanks anyway for the suggestion! Will keep that in mind should I go on a similar work trip in the future. 🙂

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