I’m back!

From a never-intended hiatus, that is.

I’m at the hospital now – no, no, I did not land myself in ICU again, God forbid – for my post DKA checkup. I really should update the other blog, but anyhoos, as we all know hospital appointments are like 80% waiting and 20% actual interaction with medical professionals (including the time taken to take my height and weight and 2 vials of blood) so I’ve got some spare time on my hands.

So what has happened since my last original post (reblogs not counted)? Well I went for that work trip, got back, bummed around at home for a day, went back to work voluntarily to finish backlogged work and here I am today at the hospital. Oh yeah, and I got some wedding-related stuff done! Namely:

1. Bunga telur / pahar ideas

2. Bed at my mister’s place (I consider this more marriage-related than wedding-related, as it’s a long term investment. The story of how we acquired the beds – yes there’s another bed for my place – is a draft I started some time back so wait for it!)

3. Berkats (wedding favours / door gifts) – yes all 500 pieces of them! And I’m finding the process of packaging them to be quite therapeutic! Yeah so they’re semi-DIY.

5. More materials (used receptacles) received from my sister for my guest table centrepiece DIY idea!

Ok I hope I can get around to writing about all 5 of them (and more) while I’m still on leave from work. Til the next post!

PS: Anyone interested in a bridal bouquet discount voucher giveaway?


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