Moving-In Day!

Ok I have been guilty of moping around at home, literally shutting myself in from the haze (all windows closed, thank goodness for airconditioning – although my mom might shriek at next month’s electricity bill – oh wells, now’s the time to dip into the bit of extra cash that has been accumulating in the bank – I don’t give my parents $800 a month for nothing, you know, and there’s also the amount contributed by at least 3 other siblings). By right I should have had plenty of time to update, but for some reason inertia set in and I owe my fellow BTBs at least 3 emails (I still can’t find that brochure Sha…. sorry!) Which I will get to soon, promise!

Anyway, on to the title of this blog. It’s moving-in day! For my our bed at my place, that is.

Now, in my previous post I mentioned that the bed (let’s call it Bed K) for my mister’s place had already arrived. (See below, minus his bantal busuk bolster)


For my place, it’s today. We bought both beds together on the same day and in the same transaction from the same seller, but got the bed for my place (let’s call it Bed Q) delivered later for the simple reason that my grandmother was temporarily staying at my place, in my room, for two weeks while my aunt and her family went on holiday.

So yesterday we bade goodbye to my grandmother (she couldn’t wait to return home), and later at night my sister and I got to work moving her single bed back to her room (and doing so meant moving some of my stuff out of her room first). And then I still had my single bed in the room, because I wanted to sleep in my room on my bed, after sleeping on a mattress on the floor in my sister’s room for two weeks (she slept on her bed in my room, beside my grandma who took my bed). Perhaps I was being a bit sentimental about it too? Like one last night on my single bed in my room before I welcome a new addition piece of furniture into my family room.

Anyway, I thought I could get the guys delivering Bed Q to help move my single bed and mattress out first before moving Bed Q in, since my sister would be at work. I asked my mister for his opinion on this, and he said, sure that’s possible; just ask them nicely and after that give them something to drink (which I was planning on doing anyway). This morning, however, my mom thought it would be better to just move it out ourselves, and so we did. Yeah, two petite women, one 27 and one 65 years old, moving a single-sized mattress and metal bed frame on our own. No problem! πŸ™‚ For now, the bed frame and the mattress (seen in the photo overturned, on top of the sofa bed) is in the study.


I think my mom would rather not have Bed Q come so early, since my wedding’s still (a little under) six months away. The whole affair of buying the beds was really unplanned, because we (the mister, my FMIL and I) had gone out intending to get something else but ended up buying the beds. It was his mother who pushed us in that direction, especially since his older brother and sister-in-law (SIL) had recently moved out properly to their own place and the room they had been staying in was now empty, save for the built-in wardrobe and TV screwed to the wall.

My mister had never had his own room; he had been sleeping on the floor outside or in his parents’ room – poor him. So he was pretty stoked that now he finally has his own room and more privacy. Buying a bed (especially considering that he thinks he can convince me to stay there full-time after we get married until we move to our own place) was a no-brainer, and the sooner the better so he can sleep in a proper bed after years of sleeping mostly on the floor (except on his off days when his twin brother is away at work so he gets to sleep on the bed in the day).

As for the bed for my place, it’s more because I insist we do shuttling between parental homes (even if it’s on a weekday-weekend basis) while we wait for our own place to be ready. Besides, my mom is adamant on having a bridal room (oh god, I can’t wait for this whole affair to be over so I can finally make my own independent decisions for my own room and my own life, without feeling so obliged to give in to parental guilt trips), so a bridal room needs a marital bed.

Since I had to move out some of my stuff from my room to make way for my sister’s single bed (in addition to mine) for my grandma’s stay at my place, it was only logical to just go ahead and have Bed Q delivered so that I don’t have to do a double move. The room had already been prepped for 2 single beds; now it was just a matter of moving both beds out, rearranging the stuff under the beds to stack up against the wall (oh I have too much stuff – time to sell or give away or recycle or throw, in that order), and Bed Q can be placed in front. See that gap between the bed’s headboard and the wall behind it? Yeah I’ve got my junk stuff in that gap.


Delivery was scheduled between 11am and 1pm, and I received a call from the delivery guy at 5 minutes to 11, saying they’d arrive in 10 minutes. Right on time, I like! Although as it turns out their warehouse is just on the outskirts of my town district neighbourhood.

So, that’s the (partial) story of my our beds. I was there to witness Bed K arriving at the mister’s place but he isn’t here to witness Bed Q arriving at mine. (His family’s much more open about our relationship than mine is. He’s been here like a grand total of… two times!) So he’ll just have to see photos of it! In the meantime, we’ll both enjoy the beds at our own places separately, with a mutual agreement not to remove the plastic packaging from the mattress yet. Hahaha konon-konon nak ‘maintain’ rasa baru! ;P


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