Save Money, The Pengantin Pelik Pelokek Way

I think I have at least 3 draft posts pending continuation and publication, but I just felt like starting a new series (bear in mind I’ve yet to finish the What Makes A ‘Good’ Wife Objection series;  prologue here, objection #1 here, objection #2 here); reason being that I’m in the mood to be positive and share something I have been meaning to share for some time.

As the title goes, it is about saving money. But! I’m calling it Save Money, The Pengantin Pelik Pelokek Way  because I’m going to share how I did (and still am doing) it! And why use the word ‘pelokek’ (stingy) rather than something more positive like ‘penjimat’ (thrifty)?

Again, just like my moniker ‘pengantin pelik, ‘pelokek’ is mom-inspired; she has been calling me that every time I insist on doing (or not doing) something because I would like to save money (or not waste it). She says it in a half-exasperated, half-fond way (sometimes 75-25) because I think she is secretly proud of how much of an adult I’ve become; I am after all her youngest child (I’m never stingy with her, I always pay for meals when we go out, and never ask for money back when she asks me to buy groceries on the way home; I’m only stingy when it comes to spending money on the wedding).

So, off hand, these are Save Money, The Pengantin Pelik Pelokek Way tips I intend to write about:

1. Beat the system
2. Pay yourself first
3. Spend to save
4. Save to spend
5. No harm asking

Just 5 for a start, but the list can grow as we go along. There will be a voucher or a product giveaway at the end of each tip (I’m so excited about this part), so look out for my future posts! 🙂


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