Aisha & The Dragon Slayer

This is such an AWWWW post. Seriously, after all the flowers and the ‘fairytale’ wedding and all that jazz, all a woman (or at least this woman) wants is a laki yang boleh diharap. Tak hensem tak kaya tak buat perempuan lain jeles takpe, yang penting boleh diharap. And would make waffles and pancakes for me while I sleep in, with or without kids.

Love, InshAllah

Eds. note.: Happy 11th wedding anniversary to our columnist Aisha Saeed & her husband Kashif!


Sleep deprivation is an ugly dragon of a beast. Allow me to describe it, for I know it intimately. It is at once amorphous and concrete with a uniquely menacing gait. Its tentacles are dark and wiry—firm. It wraps you in its fold, wrings you out, leaving you completely disoriented.

But that’s not the bad part.

The bad part is how it fogs a beautiful blue sky. How it lures you into believing that this hazy reality is all that was and will ever be. How you look at your home, the piled laundry, the cluttered family room, and try as you might to use your rational mind, all that emerges is the one singular thought It’s no use, I’ll never get on top of any of this. 

And then, along comes the dragon slayer.

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