Multi tasking

I am currently typing this while working up a sweat on the stepper machine that I actually loaned from my sister-in-law ages ago (actually last October) but never got around to using until now.

I actually have a pretty complicated mission to accomplish.
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Taking stock

I owe readers emails and I have a number of drafts waiting to be completed and published. And I have not been updating when there are quite a number of things to update, wedding-wise. I’m not sure why I ran out of blogging steam, and I am not even sure when my next post would be, but in the midst of trying to clean my room (yet again) I got to thinking about the many things I need to do and how much time I have left.

As of yesterday two days ago (14 September 2013), I have exactly 13 weeks left to my wedding.

That means I have 12 weekends to settle whatever it is that I need to settle for the wedding, and life after it. That equals to 24 full days, although I would have more full days towards the start of November, when my long break from work starts.

Ok breathe Zakiah, breathe.

That means a to-do list is in order, in no particular order:

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