Taking stock

I owe readers emails and I have a number of drafts waiting to be completed and published. And I have not been updating when there are quite a number of things to update, wedding-wise. I’m not sure why I ran out of blogging steam, and I am not even sure when my next post would be, but in the midst of trying to clean my room (yet again) I got to thinking about the many things I need to do and how much time I have left.

As of yesterday two days ago (14 September 2013), I have exactly 13 weeks left to my wedding.

That means I have 12 weekends to settle whatever it is that I need to settle for the wedding, and life after it. That equals to 24 full days, although I would have more full days towards the start of November, when my long break from work starts.

Ok breathe Zakiah, breathe.

That means a to-do list is in order, in no particular order:

1. Scarves: Wash whichever I need to wash (I think I have over 100 of them in total – I’m actually a little scared to count), decide which to keep or throw away / sell / give away.

2. Home tees & pants: Sort which are appropriate to wear as a newly-wed staying over at her in-laws, discard the comfy-but-falling-apart ones. Wait, keep as rags to wipe down the future place would be a better idea.

3. Work / going out clothes: sort the ones to keep, or add to the throw away / sell / give away pile

4. Sell or give away clothes / scarves / bags (would any of you readers respond to a Pengantin Pelik Pre-Loved Pasar post?)



Pre Loved bag for sale! $5 with FREE normal mail!

5. Wedding invites: contact Dyan of Card Maison, discuss colour scheme and design.

6. Venue decor: compile design inspiration, email decorator, schedule meeting

7. Catering: contact caterer, get that deposit transferred already!

8. Wedding gift trays decor (gubahan): compile design inspiration, print, consider DIY with A’s help instead of outsourcing

9. Table centrepiece – DIY: compile design inspiration, survey cost of materials, buy, start!

10. Bridal room decor – DIY: consider painting wardrobe doors & buying 2nd hand dresser, buy curtains and bedsheet (look out for expo / department store sales!)

11. Bridal makeup trial: schedule trials with both bridal makeup artist, compile hijab style inspiration, print

12. Photography & videography: schedule meeting, come up with songlist and scenes-photographer-should-shoot list

13. Guestbook / guest wishes-with-a-twist-idea: compile ideas, consider approaching AS for help?

14. Signage & menu label: compile design inspiration, survey frame prices, source for easel, do mockup

15. Room: sort stuff, get rid of / hide away stuff, organise stuff!

Any idea which one I had better start on first and which one is safe to leave to later like 2 weeks before the wedding?


3 thoughts on “Taking stock

  1. Woit!! Nak kahwin in december kan kan?? So definitely no. 7 must be done right away coz as far as i know, december is pretty packed!! U might end up with not so sedap or rather errr overly high price that is out of your budget with food that is soo okok jer…
    Btw, im oso a b2b (but havent start posting in my blog yet – probably this wk) … N mine’s in nov! Pun belom dapat catering… Heeee.  venue pun! Grrr… Care to email me your venue n price tak??? Pleeeaseee…

    • Hahah.. actually memang I dah secure a caterer and blocked the date, but without putting down any deposit! The lady macam trust kita sangat gitu.. that’s why need to contact her again to get that deposit transferred.. And I already contacted her, but again she says tak payah! Tunggu sampai jumpa again to confirm the menu, baru letak deposit sekali.

      On one hand, it shows she’s not so hard up for the money until she actually needs it to buy ingredients to cook, but on the other macam takut pulak my booking belum confirm because she didn’t take any deposit. But she reassured me otherwise, so tunggu november je lah..

      You’re getting married in november, as in just after this october, and you still haven’t gotten a caterer or venue? Tak panic ke??? I hope you mean yours is next year.. if not, hope you find yours really soon too!

      And I will email you right after posting this comment! Sorry for the late response!

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