Strike #1

Just thought I’d list down what I can strike off my to-do list:

2. Home tees & pants: Have put aside several tees and 3 pairs of pants, will pass them to the mister tomorrow to dump put in the space he’s cleared for me in his wardrobe.

3. Work / going out clothes: Same as above, have put aside several work tops to be passed to him. Will add more in due time.

4. Sell or give away: Gave away some a big BHG-Expo-sale bag of clothes when my eldest sister messaged me asking for some to give to her friend who needs them for her new domestic helper. Have picked out a few more to be sold; time to enquire about renting one of the lots in the neighbourhood’s flea market!

A side note: honestly, I for one cannot stand having to wear long-sleeved clothes and headscarf in the house (I do it, when there are male ‘outsiders’ in the house, for the sake of shutting my old folks’ mouths up), so I can’t imagine how a domestic helper would feel, being made by her employers to dress that way while having to do chores all day, every day. I don’t understand why the lady in the house can’t just let her man practise ‘lowering his gaze’. Besides, just like any other employee, the domestic helper has a right to work without being sexually harassed, regardless how she is dressed.

But oh wells, it’s not me employing the domestic helper who’ll receive my clothes (that I don’t want to wear anymore because they don’t fit me well since my ‘dramatic’ weight loss), and I hope never to have to employ one because there are just too many ‘sticky’ issues that comes with the territory. I just hope her employer would have the basic decency to let her wear some of my dressier tops (I even gave away a peplum top that I had only worn twice or thrice before!) when she follows the family out for special occasions.

5. Wedding invites: Have contactedDyan of Card Maison, compiled inspiration images and emailed to her, gave feedback about her draft designs for both sides of the card, passed just the design for the front side, back and forth for amendments, made my own design for the back side of the card that has all the information (so pleased and excited about this!), and now I’m just left with giving her the go-ahead for printing!

6. Venue decor: Contacted decorator a few days back, who just got back to me this afternoon, asking if we can meet this coming Tuesday night! That would be all the way in CP, and while I don’t mind since my eldest brother lives nearby and I can always drop by his place before or after the meetup, I’m not sure if I should agree, since I have yet to compile the design inspiration! And tomorrow I’ll have a long day at work and then getting wedding-related stuff done. How?

7. Catering: Have contacted caterer, who told me not to worry about getting that deposit transferred already! She says we’ll settle that in November, closer to the wedding date, when we confirm the menu with her.

8. Wedding gift trays decor (gubahan): Have bought fake flowers and ribbons at Butik Bunga Nona, Southern City Mall, JB. Thought of DIY-ing with stuff from Daiso, but met with rejection and resistance from the mister (that’s material for post about Argument #2!) Henceforth, have officially appointed my sister-in-law to do it for me, and settled with trays she had previously used for her brother’s gubahan.

11. Bridal makeup trial: Have contacted and scheduled trial makeup session with one of the makeup artists (the one from HL; should be the owner herself) for this coming Friday in the afternoon! Need to compile hijab style inspiration and print by Thursday!

14. Signage & menu label: Have bought mini easels from Daiso for the menu labels, next thing to do is to try putting the idea together! Nothing done for the signage yet.

Okay, that’s about 9 out of 15 items that I have at least started out on!

Tomorrow would be a long day! Firstly, I’m down for ‘outstation’ duty, and then the mister is picking up my dad from home and myself from work, as we would be going to ROMM for the interview, and after that the mister and I are going to that florist place which his friend S has a share in! Yes, we’re going to look for more fake flowers, to supplement the measly 2 types that the mister bought in JB, with the thinking that those were for the gift trays that he would receive from me (but now those 2 types would be for the gift trays he’d be giving me – I know it sounds complicated, but I’d explain in another post!)

So much more to do, so little time left! Less than 2 months… oh God, help me!


4 thoughts on “Strike #1

    • Haha somehow I’m not that excited yet.. maybe when more things around me look different (like, having my room cleared and looking more organised and ready to receive a roommate – albeit for weekends and my long breaks from work), then I’d be excited! Right now I’m just a little nervous that maybe I can’t get everything done in time.. but thanks for the virtual cheerleading! Hehehe…

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