R plus R minus R equals to R

Just thought of recording down what I heard off Warna 94.2 FM’s Firman and Sabda programme this morning.

R + R – R = R

While that sounds like some simple algebraic formula, it was actually explained by the speaker (didn’t catch his name) as a formula in the study of social psychology or social sciences (something social lah), which goes:


Meaning, in any institution or organisation, be it a family unit, workplace, school or nation-state, any imposition of rules and regulations by authority figures without working on creating, building, nurturing good relationships, would only result in rebellion on the part of those upon whom the rules and regulations are imposed.

Sounds a little like the story of my life, if you ask me. Except maybe my Rebellion is a little delayed (probably because I have such a huge guilty conscience), and is more of an inward nature rather than the opposite.

Ok, itu je. (That’s all.)


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