You are cordially invited!


I can’t believe how fast they got printed!

I confirmed and approved the final designs for the back and front via email on Sunday night, got a response from Dyan of Card Maison the next day, and today, three days later, they’re ready to be collected! Dyan told me before this that printing would take a week, so of course this was totally unexpected. The earliest I expected them to be ready was the end of the week…  You can just imagine my surprise!

Funnily enough, she was just about to tell me that the cards are ready for collection but before she could, I had messaged her first asking when they could be collected! See how it all played out:



And see how excited I am to see them? To the point that i asked to see sneak preview. Padahal dah tengok the design in 189657432 versions berkali-kali. Memang dasar pengantin perangai! And I’m not kidding about the numerous versions (drafts) that went back and forth between us. Sorry Dyan, hope I haven’t been too fussy a customer! ;P

And why am I so excited about the wedding invites? Well, other than the fact that confirm plus chop I am getting married and it’s not just my imagination I can finally strike one thing off the to-do list, I can actually lay claim to my first wedding DIY item! Even though initially I never had such an intention to DIY my wedding invites!

Now some of you may say, what DIY? That card was designed and printed by Dyan, so where is the DIY? Well I made the design for the back side of the card, where all the information is, ALL BY MYSELF! I really really like how it turned out and I’m so glad I put on my seboleh-boleh sampai tak boleh attitude despite the mister’s lack of faith in my having the time and / or ability to use that time efficiently to get things done on my own.

The mister had been pressurising me to get the cards done fast and to just leave it all to Dyan since I am, after all paying her to do it for me. I ignored his insistence for the simple reason that it would be so much more easier for everyone if I were the one to do it. Since I’m particular about the look that I’m going for, down to the exact fonts used, layout and even how the map to the wedding venue looks like, it’s better I design it myself until everything is to my own liking. It would save us all a whole lot of time and save me from displaying bridezilla tendencies and Dyan from suffering the backlash us the hassle of sending even more drafts back and forth and longer and longer instructions via email.

So, how do the invites look like? Here’s a sneak preview for you guys!





Hahahah okay I know these two pictures are like totally takde makna (meaningless). You can only see the corners, and for the BACK photo, a reflection of Dyan’s ceiling fan on her (totally cool) black table!

So sorry I can’t reveal more because silap haribulan, ada lah orang report kat mak aku, komen pasal kad jemputan aku padahal belum diberikan kepadanya pun! Habislah aku! (Aku rasa kan, orang-orang yang hobinya suka report ni, time kecik-kecik dulu agaknya bercita-cita nak jadi reporter tak, tapi tak menjadi?  Sebab itu dah tua bangka jadi makcik correspondent tukang report merangkap tukang korek merangkap tukang canang, pun jadilah, gitu? Ooops, tak eh?)

Haha ok, so it’s all top secret now until the cards have gone into distribution. All I can say is that the design’s got a good mix of the traditional, contemporary and old-school, plus a touch of our heritage! I can’t wait to meet my cards, touch them and gaze adoringly at them and lovingly write names and addresses on them (for my friends and colleagues) and post them out or hand deliver them! (I sound obsessed, I know!)

But alas, I’ve got to wait just a bit more until I confirm the appointment for the trial makeup with the other makeup artist (the one I chose myself, let’s call her AM), so I don’t have to waste time making double trips to the west. So until then, sit tight my dear cards!

It’s close to half past midnight now and I’ve got ‘outstation’ duty early in the morning tomorrow! I’d better go to sleep now.. good night everyone!


4 thoughts on “You are cordially invited!

    • Haha you won’t believe how tempted I was to reveal more! To share more of my excitement. But insyaAllah I’ll get to do that soon!

      If you want a totally unique card she can design for you! Just compile images of colour schemes, motifs, etc. and send to her. Have fun! 😀

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