Strike #1.5

Okay here’s an update from Strike #1.

This past week has been a wedding-errand packed week! I’m really glad we chose to get married in December because November and October are my ‘free and easy’ days at work, even with ‘outstation’ duty, so I don’t feel like I’ve got too many things on my plate, what with running wedding-related errands and work being the way work is. I’m a bit bad at multi-tasking – the mister would say I can’t at all, so yeah, being freed up at work is a big help.

So here’s what we, or I, did this whole week:

Monday, 21st October 2013

We went to ROMM with my dad to get the statutory declaration done. More about what I had hoped on getting done there, but then chickened out on, in another post.

After which we went to JC Florist and got the fake flowers to be used in the gubahan for the hantaran gifts he’s giving to me.

Oh yeah, in between, we sent my dad home and we exchanged the wedding gift tray items; I brought up to my house his prayer mat, Quran with translation, kain samarinda and robe (his perfume and wallet plus coin pouch I already had with me as I bought them for him) and then I brought down my Quran, telekung, baju kurungand tudung, perfume and handbag. Plus a BHG Expo Sale bag full of work tops and home tees and pants.

Tuesday, 22nd October 2013

I confirmed with Dyan the number of wedding invites to be printed. To think of it, that means the printing must have taken 2 days! Now that’s really fast!

Wednesday, 23rd October 2013

My mom and I met the decorator at my eldest brother’s place. The meeting lasted 3 hours! From 8.30 pm to 11.30 pm. Because the decorator was just like me – long-winded! With lots of stories and details in stories to share. More of what happened in that meeting, in another post.

Thursday, 24th October 2013

I went for threading at Frangipani after my ‘outstation’ duty, since the following day I was going for bridal makeup trial at HL (my FMIL’s choice of bridal), so I wanted my face to be ready for it.

Oh yeah, and it was while waiting for my turn to be called by Aida that Dyan messaged me to say that the my invites are ready!

Side note: I met like 3 people I knew (one university mate and 2 younger cousins) within the vicinity while walking outside Masjid Sultan after threading and after praying!

And I was also approached right outside the mosque by those irritating sellers who claim they are unemployed and doing direct selling of ugly handmade keychains. They were asking for $10 for one keychain! I tried to make a show of checking the name of their company up using my Note II but they showed me a paper that is supposedly their license and claimed that they’ve been approached by the police many times but they’ve never been asked to leave.

Since I was actually waiting there to meet my sister to go for dinner I just wanted them to leave me alone so I said I don’t want to purchase the keychain as I don’t need it but I’d donate $2, which I did. Initially I was approached by only one man, dressed in jubah and serban and practically drenched in some perfume, but when I started to enquire on the name of the company, his friend dressed in regular pants and shirt joined in and showed me the license and tried to convince me to fork out that $10 in the name of helping out the unemployed like himself.

The former started off all polite and even apologised for approaching me but when I said I wasn’t buying he made a face before he took the $2 from me. So much for supposedly wanting to help unemployed persons! You should be grateful for any amount of donation! And if you were enterprising enough, you’d take that $2, then try approaching 4 more persons and give them a choice between buying your measly product for $10 or donating $2. You might just get $8 worth of donations and together with my $2 you can throw away one keychain and tell your boss you did make a sale! No wonder your company’s name (if it actually exists) is Future Enterprise! All your enterprising spirit only exists in the future.

Now I wouldn’t mind forking out $10 if the item sold was at least something that took more effort to make, like I don’t know, maybe a huge ass but pretty flower brooch made of fabric and ribbon and pearls. But ugly keychains made of cheap laminated printed paper? Come on! I know of ladies, be it single mothers or wives supplementing their husbands’ income, who either get crafty or enterprising by sourcing for suppliers and work hard to market and sell their items online, earning their well-deserved money instead of just pandering to people’s sympathy by telling them they are unemployed. Why am I not surprised that it is men who resort to such manipulative and intimidating tactics?

See! This is supposed to be just a short and quick update but recalling that incident just makes me want to go on a rant. Okay, LET’S MOVE ON.

Friday, 25th October 2013

I went for the bridal makeup trial at HL in the afternoon. The makeup was just okay (not super fantastic but still alright, nonetheless) and a longer version of how it went in another post!

That night we also went to Cik I’s place to drop off the wedding gifts that my mister is giving me, as well as the fake flowers we got from JB and JC Florist. There’s also another story to be told there! (Oh my god I’ve got too many stories!)

Saturday, 26th October 2013

I did nothing wedding-related. Yeah, seriously! I woke up in the morning and thought maybe I’d go and make that trek to the wild wild west to collect my wedding invites, but then the usual Saturday / Sunday morning task that I thought could be cancelled was back on, so by the time that ended I was getting lazy to go out.

But I did schedule with Dyan to come collect the invites on next Tuesday morning before my medical appointment! So I guess that is still something wedding-related done… Can’t wait to see and touch them for myself!

Today Yesterday, Sunday 27th October 2013

I went to the wedding of the brother of my SIL. I know, like such a distant relation, right? Like I’ve only met him twice or three times? But yeah, that’s typical Malay wedding invite-everyone-remotely-related practice for you. Anyway, that’s someone else’s wedding, nothing to do with mine, right? Hold your horses! There is something there that is related to my wedding. This story I’ll tell right now since I’ve already typed it out.

I went to the wedding of my SIL’s brother and got to check out the music by the DJ. Why? Because the DJ, (let’s call him KR) who is actually another one of my SIL’s brothers (I think they’re 6 siblings altogether), would be the same DJ at my wedding. It’s not my choice and I never wanted to spend on a DJ in the first place as I think it’s not necessary; it was my mom who booked him earlier on and since she says she’ll pay for his service (after I gave her a ‘hmmm I’ll think about it’ response when she approached me with the idea of hiring him), I just went along.

I did, however, set one condition: When she goes to meet KR to finalise details and confirm the booking, I’d like to be there too to let him know of the songs I’d like him to play. At that point in time I did not think it would be much of a problem for him to do so.

However, when I mentioned to a cousin that my mom is hiring KR, she pointed out to me that there might be a problem! Due to his madrasah (religious school) background (he also happened to have been a member of the now defunct nasyid boyband bearing the name of his alma mater) and now that he also gives religious classes besides his DJ business, he might be inclined to only play nasyid (religious songs) and maybe Maher Zain’s songs! The choice of songs may reflect his image as a religious teacher, hence he might just stick to those types of songs.

That got me worried because I had been dreaming of having some of my favourite wedding-appropriate songs (I’d get to that songlist post soon!) play at my wedding and to only have those types mentioned would be kinda boring!
So when I was there at the wedding I kept my ears alert and ‘monitored’ the type of songs that were playing. Nasyid, check. Zikir (devotional chants), check. Maher Zain, check. All as expected. But wait! I hear Art Fadzil. And also M. Nasir! Check and check. I like and admire their music so it’s good that he’s playing them! The door of hope slowly creaked open by a few inches.

And then ‘I’m Yours’ by Jason Mraz came on and in my mind I thought: That means he’s open to playing English songs that do not have any obvious Islamic slant so that’s good too! Maybe he’d make exceptions for wedding-appropriate, relaxed indie / jazzy English songs, but I’d take whatever I can get! That door of hope started opening even wider and I started to feel at ease and slightly more confident that I would get to have my choice of songs played at my wedding.

Just then, another person close to me pointed out something that made that door start to swing in the opposite direction! When I told my eldest sister about the fact that he’s played Jason Mraz’s song which means that yayy yes yayy I’m gonna get to have the songs I like played at my wedding, she pointed out that so far it has only been male singers right? That made my hopes and confidence come crashing down start to waver as I considered what she said. That was indeed true, thus far it had always been songs sung by male singers that were played. I started to feel a teeny tiny bit of worry but surprisingly I took it well and wasn’t about to fall into the depths of despair. I took it patiently and I guess God rewarded me with what happened within the next 10 minutes:

The bride and groom walked in after changing to a white wedding gown and suit respectively. They greeted some relatives, then walked down the red carpet while my SIL and other ladies in her family threw flower petals from their left and right. They took position behind the cake and proceeded to cut it. Right after that…

“And I… eeeyai eeyai… will always love you uuuuuuu…” (the late) Whitney Houston’s famous chorus rang out!

That made my eyes go just a bit wider and I turned to my eldest sister and whispered-shouted YES! to her while pushing my right and left fists up and down alternately. So he DOES play songs by female singers. And a non-Muslim one at that! Although the song only lasted a short while (he probably only played the chorus until it ended) it was followed by, among others, Rossa’s ‘Ayat-Ayat Cinta’ and Melly Goeslaw’s ‘Ketika Cinta Bertasbih’ (a duet with some male singer), and then some other songs I can’t remember (probably by male singers), with the last song that we heard before leaving being Rossa’s ‘Atas Nama Cinta’.

My eldest sister again tried to rain on my parade right after I did that triumphant punching in the air. (I swear this runs in the family because I’ve annoyed the second sister with this type of repeated negative possibilities before.) She said: But you have to remember, your wedding will be held at a xxxxxx, so he might not play songs by female singers there…

She was of course teasing me and just wanted to annoy me as we sisters always do to each other but I just dismissed her in a mock angry manner and said well of course I’m not expecting him to play belting-lungs-out songs like Whitney Houston’s! I’d be just happy with the soothing crooning of Yuna in ‘Terukir di Bintang’, thank you very much.

And then guess what she suggested! She said with a cheeky smile and a twinkle in her eyes: Oh I know! Why don’t you get him to play Yuna’s ‘Lelaki Tak Guna’!

Sooo wedding ‘appropriate’ right! See what I mean by how irritating she is! Hahaha. I gave her this look -___- in response.

Anyway, my observation is that KR plays the non-particularly religious songs when the bride and groom are around, so I’m guessing that those are songs they specifically requested him to play when they are around. Since I would practically be at my reception area throughout the event (minus up to 45 minutes when we change outfits), I hope he plays my choice of songs throughout too!

Last but not least, I ended the day with deciding that heck, I shall invite all those groups / people whom I had initially thought I would just mercilessly strike out from the wedding guestlist, because some of them might not come anyway, what with my wedding date being right smack in the middle of December and it’s the school holiday season so some might be out of town on vacation.

In doing so, I thought I’d just take the risk of sticking to the same no. of pax for the catering (500) but I’d just invite 10% more (550 total), with the assumption that not all would come and at the end of the day the numbers would still be 500 or just slightly more. Which brings me to…

Today, 28th October 2013

See you in the next post!


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