Short blog post, I promise.

Happy mess!

Thank you F! ❤

Ok dah, itu je.


How to be alone

“Because if you’re happy in your head then solitude is blessed and alone is okay.”

Love it! I have gone shopping alone, eaten meals in public alone (albeit with the company of a book or my cellphone – gotta work on that) and pursued spiritual courses alone. The things I haven’t done alone yet include watching a movie (haven’t watched movies in the longest time anyway). And travelling. And Hari Raya (Eid) visiting. Haha.

Love, InshAllah

Gorgeous and wise.

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DIY, oh my!

Since I last posted about the DIY stuff I am trying to accomplish for my wedding, I am proud ashamed a little dismayed to say that I have not yet picked up where I left off!

But fret not! A recent development is pushing me out of my inertia; one of my two closest girlfriends, F, who asked me in our Whatsapp group chat if I need any help for my wedding, is now relatively free and has booked a date with me next week to come over to help with one of my DIYs!

And which DIY item would that be?

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Birth control methods fact sheet |

Good to know for those out there, like me, who may not be keen on having kids so soon after getting married.

Some of the methods sound scary (in that they are invasive or have adverse side effects), especially those involving hormones because I’ve heard they have mostly been tested on white women and not on Asian women. So the side effects described may be different, or even worse, for Asian women.

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Rewriting and Editing

Just in case, one day I decide to pursue my childhood dream.. 🙂

Cristian Mihai

It doesn’t matter if you plan on self-publishing your story, or you want to find an agent, or you just want to print it out and put it under your pillow, your story is ready when you feel there’s nothing more to add, nothing more to cut, nothing more to tweak. If you can read your entire manuscript without wanting to make a single change, then you’re good to go – it’s the best you could do at the time. Maybe a break is good, maybe it’s not. All I know is that I edit and re-write and tweak my stories until I just want to get them published and never have to read them again.

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13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

Someone shared this in my FB feed and I’m posting the link here as a reminder for myself, and for future reference. I do find myself committing some of these don’ts, which is bad so I need to be more conscious of my own thoughts and catch them while they occur, and try to redirect them to a more positive direction.