DIY, I try

It seems to me that the closer it gets to my wedding date, the more things that I have done or have to do, and the more I’d like to update this blog, but updating takes time and right now I’m running out of it! But I’m still itching to share because it’s all getting oh so exciting!

So since my past few posts have been full of words, this time round it shall be full of photos! Of my DIY items, or rather, items that I’m trying to DIY for my wedding and hope that I can finish in time!

Ok, up first, is actually something semi-DIY… my berkat, that is, wedding favours / door gifts!


Haha okay that’s a sneak preview.. this is actually all done already, even before Ramadan and Raya! All thanks to my mom who spent every day packaging the wedding favours bit by bit.

I did help out in the beginning and probably managed to package anywhere between 10 to 20 favours, but then I got busy once June ended so my wonderful mom just continued on her own, while watching her favourite television shows. Thank you Mak! She packaged them, and once she had filled up a big plastic bag, I arranged them in boxes and kept count of how many were done and how many were left to go.

Ooh yeah, credit and thanks too to my eldest sister Kak Li who drove my mom all the way to Rochor Centre (where I met them after my facial session) to purchase them, and provided her car for us to bring each and every single favour home at one go!

I can’t wait to see these babies lined up neatly on the berkat table! It’s nothing special or fancy lah, and I bet you can easily guess what it is, but it’s useful and that’s the most important thing! I don’t see the point in spending so much on fancy or pretty wedding favours that end up just being clutter in guests’ homes.

Ok, next! It’s my wedding invites! Or rather, just some fun personalisation for the envelopes of the cards that will go to my friends and colleagues..



Haha okay that second image is again a teaser for the wedding invites. I’ll reveal more in, say, 2 weeks’ time?

By the way, as of today I have mailed out 12 invites (with one going as far as Brunei!) and personally passed 10 to my friends, colleagues and superiors.

Oooh and today I also optimised the resources around me to make English language versions of the side with the information, since I only needed 10 or so pieces. I simply put the original card and the English language version together using leftover ribbon from my wedding favours packaging! Photos of that later..

Moving on, it’s my bunga rampai modern! For those who may not know, these are scented tokens exchanged between the groom’s and bride’s entourage right after the solemnisation ceremony is over. The pleasant scent is symbolic of everyone’s well wishes for the newly weds and of the hope that their marriage be just as sweet and pleasant as the nice aroma. Of course, it also serves a practical purpose by actually giving a sensory experience to the moment or occasion.


My mom did the intial sewing, I prepared and did the filling, then I finished off the sewing. My mom recently put the finishing touch to some of them. The week before last I only managed to do about 7 before the finishing-touch stage, and have not made any progress since. We need 30 pieces, and I’m not sure how many more my mom has managed to do, but I’m sure we’d get all done soon!

Anyway I call mine modern only because it’s not filled with the traditional mix of pandan (screwpine) leaves and jasmine petals. Initially the idea of making the traditional bunga rampai really appealed to me as it is relatively cheap and easy to make.

I had made them before in the course of my work and I really loved the scent, but I changed my mind when I attended a solemnisation ceremony where I received one, and it didn’t smell nice because perhaps it had been prepared too early and the flowers and leaves had begun rotting.

So I decided to just do what Kak Li did for her wedding and it just so happens that my mom kept leftover material and we found a packet of alternative filling lying around! I only needed to spend less than 10 bucks to top up the filling and get material for the finishing touch.

Alright, on to the next DIY, involving my venue decor!







Okay I’m just showing the raw materials / process stages for now! Tired of staring at my Note 2 already. Will explain more in another post! 🙂


9 thoughts on “DIY, I try

  1. I am obsessed with jars and I can’t wait to see what the outcome of those jars!! 😉 So excitingggg. Wah wah, card all going out, isn’t is surreal that it’s coming already?! Haha. Ok, this is just excited me talking. 😀

    • Ooh I took a browse through your archives and you’re the one who made the gift-in-a-jar! No wonder you’re so excited! 😀
      Well mine’s gonna be pretty simple because I’m the nak-DIY-tapi-nak-senang-dan-cepat bride-to-be! Hehe..

      I can’t wait for ALL the cards to be distributed, especially since my parents insist on meeting the relatives personally to give them their cards! That will take another week or two.. Cepat-cepat satu kerja habis so can concentrate on other things to be done..

      And look whose wedding is in 11 days’ time! *raise eyebrows* ;P

    • Haha.. bingo! I have actually only done a mockup.. have yet to start on churning them out jar by jar! I’m the queen of procrastination.. nak DIY nak juga tapi time management buruk! Kena stress sendiri bila time feels like flying, baru bergerak.. haha..

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