30 days!

To my wedding, that is.

And looking at the time now (11.37 AM), it would be exactly 30 days! As in if time was to fast-forward 30 days, then at exactly this moment we would have been officially solemnised as husband and wife! My heart is already beating so fast, imagining this moment. I can’t wait for it, but at the same time, I want time to slow down because I’m not done with my DIYs yet! Hahaha talk about mixed emotions.

Anyway, to mark this 30-day countdown, I took the day off from work. Haha okay, I’m kidding.. about marking the 30-day countdown that is. I am actually entitled to at least 2 days off because I did extra duty in September, so I applied for one day today, which just happened to be exactly a month to my wedding!

I had a mental list of things I wanted to do today, among which are:

  1. Laundry
  2. Wash at least 7 scarves (the ones that I want to give away)
  3. Sort through the stuff I have been hoarding because I thought they could be useful for work, cut, store, throw recycle the rest
  4. Move stuff into the storage space that I have cleared because I did no. 3

And then my mom added task no. 5 – Continue working on the bunga rampai (she’s already finished 15 pieces!)

But then I woke up this morning and did something else..

I went to finalise details for our honeymoon flight and accomodation!

Well, we had actually made bookings via Expedia at the end of June, so now we’re just checking to ensure that everything is in order. Of course I was so very excited to blog about the bookings we made, right after we had made them, but I had to hold it in because I had not informed my parents about it yet and perhaps booking 6 months or so prior to the wedding could be considered early.. so I yeah I had to restrain my fingers from going tip tap tip typing about it.

So… I made a long-distance call to the resort to ask about airport transfers, request for early check-in and inform them about our dietary preference and also that we’re on our honeymoon!

Airport transfer from the hotel is like so damn expensive! So forget about it, we shall just get a cab from the airport (armed with great negotiation skills, though, because apparently the cab drivers won’t use the meters in their cabs). The island’s pretty developed, that it has its very own airport catering to both domestic and international flights, so the road infrastructure and public transport is pretty reliable. Yes, we’re going on an island honeymoon! We’ll have our very own private villa with our very own swimming pool! Can’t wait! (No, it’s not Bali by the way haha)

As for early check-in, the response I got was pretty standard: They will put in the request, but whether we’ll get it depends on the availability on the day itself. But no worries, we can just deposit our luggage and walk around and enjoy the resort’s facilities while we wait til our room is ready. I am thinking we could also fill the time by using the complimentary Wi-Fi to check out what we can do there! Well of course, we can do research while in Singapore, but the mister has this ‘relax… we’ll decide when we get there’ mentality so it would just frustrate me if I get excited about places to go or things to do but he just doesn’t want to say yes to anything. So follow his rhythm, I will (but I will still do my own prior research just to have a better idea because I really don’t like to go on a trip not knowing a single thing about it! )

As for the breakfast buffet, I told the resort that we don’t take pork, and to be safe, no other meat too. But we’ll have seafood and eggs and milk. The lady officer said our request will be forwarded to the chef, and I really hope they’d be creative with the menu! Though if they took inspiration from the local cuisine, the restriction shouldn’t be much of a problem because the (excellent) local cuisine does rely heavily on seafood. If not, I am sure the halal restaurants (along with their addresses) that I googled for right after we made the booking can fill us up pretty well! I can’t wait to eat til I’m stuffed! Wouldn’t mind gaining a few kilos on the honeymoon too haha.

After I was done with confirming details with the resort (which I could only reach successfully after a few attempts because I initially did not know that I have to punch in the IDD number), I went to the airline website to see if we could select seats. We had quite a scare because for the departure flight (to our honeymoon destination), there was only 1 seat available for booking! How could that be, right, when Expedia has already issued us confirmed flight ticket numbers? So I decided to just call the airline directly and as it turns out, departure seats are not yet available for selection (ditto about that one seat shown to be available, and about the fact that I could select seats for the return flight). So, they’ll just put in a request that we are to be seated together, and for it to be window seats. Oh, and we confirmed the meals to be Muslim meals too. The officer said we could try checking again 48 hours prior to departure (I would be busy getting dolled up for my wedding at that time!) to see if we could select seats. I’m thinking, maybe I would check again in a few days’ time, and every few days after that (haha kiasu Singaporean alert!)

Soo now we’re only left with settling airport transfers! We can book that online too, but I’ll leave that for later. Oh yeah, and pray that we’ll have great weather!

Anyway, I haven’t eaten a thing since morning! And my other tasks are waiting! So I’ll leave you guys now with some sneak previews of our villa.. hehehe

villa pool


villa bathtub

Photos taken off Google, credit belongs to original photographers.


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