I am feeling a little uneasy at the moment, because of something.. Well, it shouldn’t matter because it really doesn’t.. and I don’t want to get embroiled in a virtual catfight..

So let’s just analyse why I am feeling the way I am feeling at the moment.

It’s time to apply something that I’ve learnt.. which is, should I feel affected by something, then it is more a reflection of myself rather than anything or anyone else. Should I feel uneasy or hurt, there must be something in there to be learnt about myself.

And you know what? I admit that perhaps I had been displaying that characteristic when I did what I did. It was actually more of a social experiment, because I wanted to see if it could work, and because I was motivated by an idea, by the possibility of an opportunity.

It was one of the rare times when I went out of my usual shell, because til now I still do not have the courage to pursue that possibility. And this might just remain a hobby, an outlet, and sometimes a place to share. Or if I gather the courage, things just might change. Who knows what the future holds?

Ultimately, I think I will try to be gracious about it. Thank you, you, for giving me an opportunity to reflect. And for giving me the opportunity to let go rather than pursue. I pray for your continued happiness now and in the future, and may you continue to succeed in whatever you do, especially since you’re pretty good at it.

And as for the rest of you, the ones in the past, present and future, I do apologise if I have offended any of you through this little space of mine. You can choose to drop by and make a one-time connection, or you can choose to hang around for a little longer and then leave when you feel like it, or you can choose to be around forever (for as long as this space exists).

As I’ve said before, I do it first and foremost for myself.

Boy, I’m glad I took 10 seconds to respond rather than react. 😀


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