Birth control methods fact sheet |

Good to know for those out there, like me, who may not be keen on having kids so soon after getting married.

Some of the methods sound scary (in that they are invasive or have adverse side effects), especially those involving hormones because I’ve heard they have mostly been tested on white women and not on Asian women. So the side effects described may be different, or even worse, for Asian women.

I’m especially paranoid because I downloaded a period tracker app to my Note 2 and have been tracking my period for the past two months.. and it’s predicting that my fertile period is right smack at the same time as my honeymoon!

No, I don’t want to become a mother within less than a year of being married! There goes my dreams of travelling with the mister! Although technically we can decide to be the kind of parents who just pack the kid along on our travels…

But still! Raising a kid in Singapore is expensive (not to mention, it’s not that great a place to raise children in). Yet, if I ever have a kid, I want to be a stay-at-home mother (preferably with an online business) because I don’t want to miss out on my hypothetical child’s growing years, plus kids these days need a lot of guidance, what with so much influence from technology these days. So to be a SAHM would constitute a great cut to our combined income (I earn more than him) which means, we are just not financially ready for a kid yet! We haven’t even settled the house renovation and furnishing yet. Let’s not even go into being emotionally and psychologically ready to have a kid.

Heck, we haven’t even gotten married and gone on that honeymoon yet! Haha… but these are real possibilities that could take place in the very near future so it doesn’t hurt to be proactive by equipping ourselves with knowledge and then considering our options, right? Rather than just going into it without thinking through and then not having much choice except to settle with whatever comes because you weren’t prepared for it..


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