The past week

There was supposed to be a post that I had written exactly a week back (but somehow did not get it published) about how I couldn’t go back to sleep after waking up 2 to 3 hours earlier than usual, despite getting only 2 hours of sleep before that… and then I added to that post and tried to publish but then – poof! – it disappeared…

So yeah that was just something I wrote in my post-sleep bride-to-be insomnia. I was anxious about getting started on so many things, seeing how my last official day at work was just the day before and my 3 weeks break before my wedding had started. Fast forward to today, and here’s what I managed to get done between then and now:

– Got the lady officer in charge of my wedding venue to meet with my DJ and alhamdulillah, she gave him the go-ahead

– With F’s help, painted 15 jars for my DIY table centrepiece project

– Cooked kari ikan, Asian-style spaghetti aglio olio, asam pedas, sambal goreng ayam emak (Chef Wan’s recipe), ikan goreng asam; not related to the wedding, but certainly related to marriage independent living once I move out of my parents’ place

– Made my way to my wedding venue again to settle full payment and make a final change to the arrangement

– Went to the moneychanger to get foreign currency for my honeymoon! *sexcited*

– Started on clearing stuff in my room (gosh I hope to get all of it done before the end of next week!)

– Finally added the countdown widget to my blog (see it in the sidebar on the left!).. when I was left with 15 days at that point in time. Oh wells, better late than never, right?

– Had my crazyyyyy bachelorette partayyy!!

For that last thing, I shall spill it all (ok no, just an itsy little bit) in my next post! Hehehe…

In the meantime, here’s a sneak preview! šŸ˜‰


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