7 more days!

Well technically it’s 6 more days, but it’s close to 2am now and I haven’t slept since.. 8am or so this yesterday morning so I still consider it to be Saturday. And sure, my mister is telling me to go to sleep because he’s worried I’ll fall sick, but I just can’t help but celebrate this small achievement of mine which is..

A clean and clear tidy room!

Yes, I think my room is at its cleanest in my whole 27 plus years of life, and it’s taken me more or less a week to get it to be this way..

Well okay actually I’m cheating a bit because I still have stuff outside in the living room waiting to be rearranged and packed away somewhere. So let’s just say this is my room at its neatest for the sake of turning it into a bridal room, which is another DIY project!

So let’s have a look see…

There’s the bed (hello, clear bed which I have not seen in ages!)


That’s my mom’s old bedsheet set, actually. Tomorrow I shall change it to the brand new, freshly washed, super soft, pretty bedsheet set I got for cheap cheap at BHG Expo Sale! *excited* I’m a sucker for pretty bedsheets!

I got those pretty pink polka dotted boxes from Ikea. (What you don’t see is all the other 10 boxes of various types and sizes, also from Ikea, behind the headboard.) I also bought a small chest of drawers which can also function as a bedside table, but that has to wait until one of my brothers help me assemble it.

When I showed Kak Li (my eldest sister) the then empty boxes placed just like that on the right and left side of the bed, she remarked that they look like bedside tables already and maybe I didn’t really need to buy the chest of drawers. I kinda agree, but oh wells… I had already done the deed so my rationale is a bedside table would provide a much more solid surface to put stuff on, plus it would be so much easier to keep and then look for stuff in drawers rather than to dump and then dig for them in such a deep box.


The curtain rod is a remnant from when Kak Li got married and used this same room as her bridal room. I got the curtains last November (as in last year) from BHG Tampines. They were on sale and I grabbed them because I love the colour. I intended to use them for the windows actually, but since I had lost the power struggle with want to make my mom happy, I got floor-to-ceiling curtains from Ikea instead for the windows. However, I insisted on still using the green curtains, and since there’s the curtain rod above the bed, I figured they’d make a nice backdrop.

Those curtains have been hanging there for the past two? three? weeks. Kak Li and I had actually hung all six curtains then (yes, six! – two above the bed, two for the windows and two to cover the built-in wardrobe) to see how they’d look like together. I took the other four curtains down a week or so after that, but never got around to taking these green ones down.

I know the curtains look off-centre relative to the bed so I’ll have to adjust the pole more to the left. They’d also need ironing – thank god I borrowed the steam iron from my sister in law! My mom doesn’t like the look of tab top curtains (she calls them langsir coli) so I’ll be adding fake flowers to cover the gaps between the tabs. There’s another story regarding the fake flowers I’ll be using… that’d be for another post.

Anyway, at the end of my bed is my mom’s coat / hat rack (but obviously we don’t use coats and hats so it was previously used by my dad to hang his shirts).


Since the wardrobe will be covered by curtains, it would be inconvenient to have my wedding outfits hanging on the door handles as I’d have to push aside the curtains to take them. Plus I thought it would be nice to have my outfits hanging from this rack for photography purposes.

Another one of my mom’s furniture that I’m loaning from her is the high dresser with mirror.


I switched this with the old chest of drawers (a hand-me-down piece of furniture from my brothers after they moved out) since it’s newer and looks more appropriate for a bridal room. It used to stand in the study cum guest room; the dresser and mirror were actually separate items but my mom got the shop to fix the mirror to the dresser.

The whole affair of pushing out the old chest of drawers (involving taking out the drawers one by one before moving the frame), pushing in the dresser with mirror (involving emptying it of stuff and wiping it down) and sorting, arranging and reorganising stuff into different-sized spaces, took us two to three days.

As for the stuff on the dresser, the only thing I bought is the lamp, from where else but Ikea. The rest is just to prettify the space for now. Come next Friday I’ll put them away and have the actual bridal room decor stuff!

And since I discovered that there’s a panorama function on my Note 2′-s camera, here’s how the whole room looks like!


(Yes, that’s the luggage bag for my honeymoon! It’s 70% packed since last week! :D)

Honestly, I’d be fine with just that but of course such a bare look would not sit well with my mom. But it’s okay, I figured all the stuff I bought for the sake of doing up the bridal room can be used over and over again, so no wastage there. Since I’ll be getting myself made up at home before we set out to my wedding venue, the photographer would also be taking shots of me getting ready, so a more decorated room would also look nice in photos. I’m actually really excited to see how it would all turn out!

It’s past 3.30 am now (gasp)! I had better go to sleep now! Tomorrow’s another day of sorting, arranging, washing… so many things to do!

Good night morning..


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