My bachelorette partayyy! – Part 1

Ok I’m now at the hairdresser’s, getting my hair a soft rebond job. Well, some may consider it a ‘waste’, especially since come my wedding day (which is 4 days away!), it’s not like I get to show off my hair anyway.. it would all be wrapped up in my hijab.. but so was the situation 2 years back when I went for my very first soft rebonding.

Despite the fact that I also had to have my hair under wraps back then, I still loved the outcome and texture, and how it made my hair oh so manageable rather than the usual thick, frizzy mop that left me cursing it every other day and wishing I could just shave it all off. Granted, it would probably be better if I had gone and get the deed done a few weeks back, but oh wells, I got busy and now that the house and my room is about 70% ready, I feel better about going off to indulge and pamper myself.

Eh, what’s with the long grandmother story about the whens and whys of my getting my hair done? What’s the relevance to the title of this post? Well, now that the salon girl has put the astronaut’s headgear thingy steamer above my head and is now tending to the other customer, I now have lots of time and some privacy to do what I love, which is blogging! I’ve been holding that itch to talk about my a-mayyy-zing bachelorette party because I had so many things to settle, and now I can unleash that backscratcher tip tap typing fingers!


Okay so my bachelorette party took place more than a week ago.. two weeks to the wedding, to be exact. I was so excited I could hardly sleep….okay to be honest I was having a bout of BTB insomnia and was up doing something; exactly what, I can’t remember.

But that Saturday morning Kak Di (my second sis) and I actually woke up earlier to cook ikan goreng asam for my dad, seeing how my mom was also out of town for the previous night and we didn’t want to go off and spend a night at a strange hotel for my dad to go without a proper home-cooked meal and my mom to come home that night with nothing to eat.

While I finished the cooking, Kak Di, after having helped me prepare the ingredients, went to get ready to leave earlier. She was part of the organising team anyway, and she had previously dropped hints about how they’ve come up with all sorts of crazy challenges I’d have to complete! She told me two days before to pack a set of pyjamas and my swimming costume, and my heart jumped for joy because it meant we were sleeping over at a hotel! I could have probably probed more and gotten more information out of her (she’s really bad at keeping surprises, I’ll explain later) but I decided I didn’t want to spoil the surprise for myself.

Anyway, the night before I was told to be at City Hall MRT at 2pm and guess what! I was late At 1.15pm I got a message in the Whatsapp group chat from Kak N, one of my cousins, asking if I had left home and if I hadn’t, to hang on because my “masterminds have some hiccups to handle”. Hahaha I tell you, being late runs in the family lah!

It was just as well that I was told to hang on, because firstly I wasn’t exactly ready yet (haha) and before that message came in, Kak Di, who had already left about an hour before, called to tell me she had left something important that she was supposed to bring. She asked me to help her bring along that paper bag (and pleaded with me not to look inside)! See I told you she’s bad at keeping surprises! But I obliged and really didn’t let my curiousity overpower my desire to let things take place as they had been planned.

So I took my own sweet time to continue getting ready (to be precise, to put on nice makeup because as I told them, if I’m going to be doing silly things in public, I might as well look damn good while doing it! Haha yes, yes, little miss vain that I am). About half an hour later Kak N asked what time I think I can reach City Hall. I said “2.40?” and you know what she replied? “Ok we give you til 3.15 to reach.” Hahaha nampak sangat the organisers were more star karat than the BTB!

In the end, I reached City Hall about 10 minutes to 3pm, and got this message:


This is like so near to where I get my facials done yet I never knew this hotel existed.

I was actually surprised that my first task was to go straight to the hotel as I was expecting to go on a bridal walk, the way Kak Di, Kak N and myself made my other cousin, Z (who is now a mother of a close-to-10-months old boy) do when we threw her a bachelorette party. The bridal walk involved her having to do stuff based on instructions we gave her via messages and she had to take pictures to prove to us she did them.

When I thought about it again, it was a good thing though that they got me to go to the hotel first, because it meant I could put my bag in the hotel room first. So I walked towards the hotel, into the lobby full of anticipation..


And then I had to wait again! Ok for about 5 to 10 minutes and then Kak Di came down.. probably just to accompany me while they handled the baby’s hiccups they mentioned earlier. She sat with me for a while and when I wasn’t looking, she took out something that she said I was supposed to wear…but just not yet. I told her to go bring up my bag (I had to tell her!) so she left me holding the things I was supposed to wear and I waited a bit more.. that I felt like I was dying from all the waiting.


So then Kak Di came back down and told me to put on whatever she got me to hold which turned out to be a headband bridal veil and a ‘Bride To Be’ sash! And then Z came down with baby H strapped to her, holding colourful polka-dotted balloons for me!


Look at those balloons! Wouldn’t you squeeeaalll when you see them and know it’s for you? Haha I did.. like a kid! I really loved them *deprived childhood*!

So after taking a photo with the sash and veil on, and holding the balloons, they said I had to go somewhere else to do my challenges. So the three of us walked to Citylink Mall. (For some then-unknown reason, Kak N couldn’t join us.) The actual plan was for me to do the challenges at Suntec City Mall, actually, but since I they were late, they didn’t want to waste time walking all the way there.

I wasn’t that embarrassed, and in fact I was smiling (in anticipation) all the way there. In fact, throughout the time I had to be in the veil and sash, I took on a ‘tunnel vision’ attitude – I hardly looked at anyone else or made eye contact so I was a bit oblivious to people’s stares attention. I also used the balloons as a prop somehow to hide behind.

Once we got to City Link Mall, the challenge started! Z whipped out a set of pink cards and told me to choose one.

That’s a photo of me like 4 to 5 years ago when we celebrated my birthday and went to have seafood at Newton (my first time) and I found out that chilli crab is not that big a deal… I prefer my mom’s ketam masak lemak cili padi anytime.

Anyway, of course, that photo is what Z took. I only saw the back of the cards at the time. She told me I had to complete all challenges, otherwise the forfeit would be they would put make up on me while they’re blindfolded and I’d have to go out for dinner with them with that makeup on! So evil of them!

So yes I chose one card and the first card stated…


“Give away balloons to 5 random kids”

Simple enough, right? But I didn’t want to do that challenge right away! Because I wanted to hold the balloons for longer – they were like my security blanket and I didn’t want to let go of them so soon! (I didn’t know I was holding more than 5!) So I asked Z if I could do that challenge later and she obliged. She warned me that that’s the simplest challenge ever and the rest were going to be harder!

Next card I picked:


“Get someone to buy you a free drink”

Oh gosh, she wasn’t kidding when she said it was going to get harder! There weren’t that many eateries along that stretch of Citylink Mall, and I decided okay let’s just go to the nearest and cheapest (because who would want to entertain a random stranger asking to treat her to a $5 upwards drink?) And that place was Coffee & Toast.

Since the wording of the challenge was “ask someone”, I thought, let’s ask a lady because I was too shy to ask a guy! So I approached the unsuspecting victim unplanned volunteer who happened to be already in the queue.

It was this middle-aged lady and when I first spoke to her I said: Hi aunty, I’m playing a game.. doing a dare.. I need you to buy a drink for me..

And I was met with a blank stare.

I wasn’t sure if she understood English, so I switched to hand signals and Singlish, and broken Mandarin. I said: Buy me a drink? At the same time, I signalled holding a cup and a drinking motion, and out of desperation I reached deep into the recesses of my memory and came up with: Mei yo xian (however you spell it) which I think in Mandarin meant ‘no money’.

And that did the trick and broke the icy stare! She nodded in understanding and said okay okay and asked me what I want and I just said with a big smile: Thank you aunty, anything will do.. okay coffee then.

And I turned to see the two devils girls (and one sleeping baby) with amused faces and I told them YES! and I related to them what I said to the lady and they were going: What? You told her you didn’t have money?

They were laughing but at the same time felt a bit bad that I had approached a somewhat elderly person and after she got to the front of the line and placed her order plus my coffee, which she then passed to me, Z got Kak Di to go to her to give her a refund! Hahaha. But she refused it! Such a nice lady, she is.

And I gleefully stepped out of the eatery with the coffee, glad to have completed the dare and could not wait to get away from all the other customers who must have been watching the spectacle of a girl in bridal veil and sash and colourful polka dotted balloons approaching a random lady, with her entourage of two other girls and a sleeping baby… and Z halted me in my tracks and said: Wait, we haven’t taken a photo of you with the lady!

So I had to re-fortify that thick game face and walk back in and interrupt the lady who was just about to start eating, to ask her for a photo and she kindly obliged again!


See that’s how I felt, like a red-nosed clown doing all these silly things. But THANK YOU SO MUCH AUNTY! May God return your kindness with much, much more! πŸ˜€

Okay! Third card:

[Insert your imagination here because we gave away the card to the guy and so I don’t have it with me!]

Haha okay the card stated something like: take a photo with a guy and get him to upload it to Instagram with the hashtag.

They just had to make me approach a guy! And the funny thing was Z was actively helping me out in trying to spot a guy who looks like firstly he wouldn’t mind taking a photo with me and secondly, has an Instagram account! Because there are people out there (like moi) who don’t have one! Yes, yes, this is pengantin pelik you are talking about. In this day and age, for a 27-year-old NOT to have an Instagram account, it is a little pelik (odd), no?

Anyway when I was just standing there looking out for my next victim volunteer, I remarked to Z: Okay let’s find a good-looking one. Hahaha.. (I hope my fiancΓ© won’t read this!)


So I have Z to thank for spotting what she called a ‘hipster-looking’ guy and for pushing me to approach him. He was with his friend and he was holding an iPad! So I smiled and approached him, and his friend was giving me the weirded out look but he himself was quite cool about it. I can’t remember what I said to him lah, I was too embarrassed. I think maybe I told him I need his help and I showed him the card and I fumbled through asking him if he has Instagram and if we could use his device to take a photo of me and him…


Yeah I wished I had a mask on when I was talking to him (colourful ones to match the balloons hahaha).

So he obliged and his friend helped to take a photo using his iPad. I asked him to upload on Instagram with the hashtag but he said he’d do it later since he had to go places. So we gave him the card for his reference but I don’t think he ever did upload the photo!


And this photo illustrates just how short petite I am. The guy wasn’t even that tall for a start, and here I am in heeled wedges still a full head shorter than him!

But anyway, thanks abang mat hipster-looking guy random guy in pink tee! I must say it takes a confident guy (confident enough not to care about silly gender attribution of colours) to wear a pink tee and you pulled it off pretty well.

Next card:


Find a girl who is wearing lipstick and get her to kiss you on your cheeks (!!!!!)

Wah wah wah ini dah melampau hahaha… I turned to the two girls and said: Oh no how can you guys make me do this!

Z, in her defence, said that this challenge wasn’t set by her. She came up with the simple ‘give away balloon to random kids’ challenge.. It was my own sister Kak Di who wanted me to do this! So I cheated a little on this one… *shhhh don’t tell anyone*

I approached this sweet-looking lady who looked just slightly bewildered when I started talking to her but she was ready to listen. She was alone at the time. I asked her if she was wearing lipstick but she said no it’s lip gloss. I turned to the supreme gamemaster Z (haha) and she said fine, lipgloss will do too.

Is it obvious that I thought the handphone camera was focusing on me too? Look at the way I was holding the card in a pose-y manner! And check out that kid looking at us curiously.

(Again) I fumbled through telling her what I needed her help to do… and get this, when she agreed she thought she had to kiss the card, not my cheeks! Haha.. But I think since she had already agreed, she went ahead and this is where the total unspoken mutual agreement to cheat on the challenge happened:


I turned my cheek towards her, she came closer and closer…

but her lips never touched my cheeks at all! Hahaha korang kena tipu!!! They just hovered mid air behind the mini curtain that is my scarf and we both stayed still for a few seconds as we knew Z was capturing a photo. Then she stepped back and she turned to smile at the camera and I smiled and said thank you and then we posed for a photo together.


I don’t know if the other two ever did catch on to what happened but by the time Kak Di mentioned that she wanted there to be a lipstick mark on my cheek, the lady had already walked some distance away. The (former) debater in me also pointed out that there was no mention at all in the challenge card about a lipstick mark so let’s just consider that a challenge done! πŸ˜‰

Now this post has taken me 3 days to do (amongst other things I have been doing) and I still have 3 more challenges to talk about! So I think I shall just publish it now as Part One! Since this might just be my last post until after I return from my honeymoon (!!!) next Friday, I hope it keeps you guys entertained! πŸ˜€

And now, it’s 2 days away! Yikes!


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