My bachelorette partayyy! – Part 2

I’m itching to gush over my wedding but I realise I have yet to finish the story about my a-mayyy-zing bachelorette party, so I thought it’s best to continue before the story basi I move on to talk about my wedding…

So after having gotten random strangers to buy me a free drink, take a photo with me and ‘kiss’ me on the cheek, here’s the next challenge I had to do:


Get 5 strangers to write well wishes for you on your hand.

What??? Not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE????? I thought: this is going to be hard! It’s going to take forevahhh to get 5 different people to firstly, stay put when I approach them rather than shying or walking away, and secondly, spare me a minute to explain and then for them to entertain my request. But then the next thought came: it’s okay let’s just do this! I’ll manage!

So anyway, just moments after I picked the card, Z spotted a lady who looked approachable and told me to try asking her. I tell you, the way she so actively helped me throughout the challenges, it’s as if she’s the one who wants to be the BTB all over again and be the one who’s playing the game! Hahaha…

But before I could get going with the challenge, get this! They forgot to bring a pen for me! Apa punya gamemasters! Nak sabo orang abeh tak bawak benda-benda macam ni. LOL! Luckily, I had one in my small handbag which I had purposely brought along because I had a feeling I might need it. And they had the cheek to say: oh of course you’d have a pen with you, it’s the stereotypical trait of anyone in your line of work to carry around a pen wherever they go…

So off I went to approach the lady. I said: Kak, kak, minta tolong boleh? Smiling all the way, I told her I was getting married in 2 weeks’ time and I wanted to ‘practise’ having bridal henna put on me (haha), only that it’s in the form of well wishes on my hand. She was amused but gamely agreed so yayyy one down, four to go!


That’s her husband (I presume) looking on, with her kid in the pram.


That’s Kak Di taking photos with Kak N’s camera.


Very sporting lah akak, I like!

Once I had the first wish written down, the rest were pretty easy to get as there was already the first example I could refer people to. Next victims volunteers were these two friends!



Thank you ladies!

But of course, after observing who I had been targeting, Z the supreme gamemaster just had to make me approach a guy, knowing how embarrassing it would be for me. She said: next one must be a guy! So okay, I approached a friendly-looking one with a girlfriend… kill two birds with one stone!



Their expressions seemed to say: errr really? You want us to do that?

But they were a really sweet couple and the girlfriend gently nudged her boyfriend (or maybe they’re just friends, I wouldn’t know) into agreeing to write a wish on my hand.


Can you see how his body language was a bit awkward? He was actually a bit segan to touch my hand, probably because I was a minah tudung and all and he didn’t know if I was going to be offended if he touched my hand. So when I noticed him hesitating and his hands were just hovering around my hand, I realised what must be going through his head. I know it would be hard for him to write without propping up my hand with his, so I just told him it’s okay no worries. Such a nice, decent guy he is.


He didn’t know what to write at first and I told him that he could just copy the same wish written earlier by others, but then Z insisted he wrote something different! Ada ada je syaratnya!


Next it was the girlfriend’s turn. And both of them really took effort and time to write something original and nice! So sweet of them!

By the way, if you notice in quite a few photos, Kak Di is taking photos while holding a drink… that’s my free drink from the first challenge I completed! There’s a funny story about that coffee, which I’ll tell later!

So with that girl’s message, that wrapped up my ‘get 5 strangers to write well wishes for you on you hand’ challenge!

Wanna see what they wrote?


The first akak wrote: Congrats! (Right in the middle)

The two lady friends wrote: Have a good life! / Get a baby soon! 🙂 (Not sure who wrote which one…)

And the sweet couple wrote:


The guy: All the best for your wedding!
The girl: May you be blessed with love and happiness.

Now that’s some awesome ‘bridal henna’, isn’t it? 😉

Ok before the mother-in-law mentally stamps the ‘lazy daughter-in-law’ label on me, I had better stop blogging and show my face outside! Stay tuned for Part 3!

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