Goodbye 2013! (And hello 2014!)

My WordPress Reader feed last week was filled with people bidding goodbye to 2013, reflecting, etc…

Here’s how I spent the last two days of 2013:

30 December 2013

Staff meeting in the first half of the day before I officially start work. Went home (which is currently my in-laws’ place) to spend some time with my husband, who had earlier come back from his night shift which ended at 9am.

Bade goodbye to him as he went for his next shift which would start at 9pm and then sat through the religious class held every Monday night after Isyak at my in-laws’. Made a last-minute decision to hitch a ride with my brother-in-law back to my parents’ place (he happened to be sending a cousin home).

Reached there at around 11pm and ate a supper of wholemeal bread with my mom’s specialty sambal godok, then stayed up to clear my bed of clean clothes from the load of laundry I did after coming back from our honeymoon, and other clothes I had left there after rummaging through my wardrobe to choose clothes to bring over to the in-laws’ the previous time I was back.

Also packed more clothes to bring over, discovering that a large Longchamp bag can fit two pairs of jeans, one lycra halter neck long dress, one long-sleeved thin cotton inner dress, three long-sleeved tees, one short-sleeved tee and five long scarves. And some panties. Went to sleep at 3.30am.

31 December 2013

Woke up early in the morning, alone, in the bed in my room at my parents’ place. Took my time to get ready and found out that, provided my clothes were ready and my bag was packed, waking up at 5.15am meant enough time to bathe, put on skincare, put on makeup, get dressed, pray Subuh AND make the bed, yet manage to leave by 6.45am. 😉

Got into the cab to Beach Road with my parents, to send them off to KL for their long overdue visit to my dad’s Acehnese relatives on occasion of the passing of their father / husband.

After bidding goodbye to my parents, went around with Kak Di to look for a place to have breakfast, but as it turns out Beach Road is still mostly asleep before 8am so we shared an egg mayo sandwich set with tea at a small café.

Then I left and headed home, dropping by the food centre near the MRT station to get a proper breakfast for myself, my husband and my in-laws. Squeezed in a quick detour to meet Z, to pass her the souveniers I got for her and baby H from my honeymoon island, and to fawn at how very adorable and cheerful baby H is in the morning!

Rushed back home after just 10 minutes or so of chatting with Z and kissing baby H, only to find out the husband was not home yet and having to wait another 40 or so minutes (!) for him to come home (late) from work so that I could have breakfast with him.

After which we just relaxed, and slept a bit before I rushed again to get ready to go out to meet Kak Di at around 5pm. We went to get gifts for my cousin E who had just given birth a week or so before my wedding (and I also got a king-sized bedsheet set for my bed at my in-laws’), then visited E and her baby I, then went back to my parents’ place.

Kak N reached there shortly after we did, bringing our takeout dinner. We sat and ate, then went out again for our countdown karaoke! Okay, we were more big on the karaokeing than actually counting down and we got annoyed by the incessant blowing of whistles by other patrons before and after midnight.

So that’s how I ended 2013, with all my loved ones and with a rare night out with my girls, only made possible because my parents were not in town and the husband was on night shift (for the third night in a row!)

Hello 2014! 🙂

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