2 months 2 weeks

That’s about how long I’ve been a married woman (and him a married man) and I now totally understand why (some) bride-to-be / wedding planning bloggers ‘disappear’ from the blogging scene after their big day. Regular life (read: work) plus marriage aka having someone around to entertain and vice versa takes up so much of your energy, attention and time that blogging just seems like something you did years ago when you were an angsty teenage kid (which is true, I did blog when I was a teenager and stopped some time in uni, then picked it up again here).

So forgive me if any of you had been dropping by for updates and kept seeing the same old post (was it a reblog about feminism and being offended? I can’t remember) and found my blog even more boring than it already is. Yeah I know, I’m not the typical wedding planning blogger who provides useful information about the latest dreamy or gorgeous or trendy wedding ideas or companies aka ways to waste your money on (see how cynical I am?), for that you can always move on to that oh-so-famous kakak kahwin blog or other blogs in the like. I am was the pengantin pelik for a reason, and forever will be a perempuan pelik because I believe there is more to life than planning a wedding and better ways to spend your my hard-earned money.

But I digressed. (See, what is it with me and my super long preambles?) Why am I here,  blogging again? Because once again I’m awake on a Saturday morning (I’m quite the morning person) while my husband is snoring away beside me. Well, that’s not exactly the reason, that’s just the circumstance that’s allowing me to be blogging now. The actual reason is I’ve got something to say which is something I can’t say on my FB, because I don’t know, I have my family there and people who may not agree with me on this and might even be offended if I say this because, well, it goes against their views about the purpose of marriage. Not that all those people can’t come here and still read what I want to say, but this is my space and I can choose to publish and respond (or not to) to any comments so I find it safer, somehow.

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