My bachelorette partayyy! – Part 3

Note: I started writing this post months ago, which feels like a different lifetime altogether haha.. but I guess I’m just publishing it for memories’ sake! I hope it’s entertaining for both my new and current readers! ;p

Like finallayyyy, eh?

Ini cerita dari tahun lepas sampai dah masuk tahun baru belum habis-habis lagi, apa kes??? Which is why I’m going to keep this as short (and as painless for your tender, text-allergic eyes hahaha) as possible. I need to move on and make space for so many new memories (my wedding lah, what else?), so here goes, part three and the final story of my bachelorette party (alliterations galore!)

Ok, after so many challenges as described in Part 1 and Part 2, it was back to the very first challenge that I picked, which was to give away balloons to five random kids!

That’s really my favourite challenge of all as it was so fun and it felt so wonderful to make kids smile and have their parents, total strangers, smile back at me and congratulate me on getting married soon! I mean, I’m totally NOT a kid-approachable person, meaning I generally can’t get kids to find me interesting for more than a minute (okay, make that five) so to be able to elicit such grateful, sincere smiles from such a simple act of giving away balloons warms my heart and makes it all fuzzy (cue sound effect: awwwwwww) hahaha. I swear, if there was a part-time job involving giving away (polka-dotted) balloons to kids, I’d grab it just for the thrill of it!

Ok see lah now too many words already. Here are pictures for you to enjoy!


Kid: I want that colour.
Me: Sure! Oh wait, give me a minute while I untangle all the strings.


Kid: (still waiting… hahaha)


Happy kid #1




Both sisters struggling with balloons (Kak Di was holding on to the balloons we reserved for baby H and baby H’s mom and aunt – that would be Z and myself haha)


Happy kid (and parent) #2



Happy kids (and parent) #3 and #4

We interrupt this programme to bring to you a never-seen-before sight of a gravity-defying costume bridal veil!


And now, back to the programme! 😉


Happy (but very shy) kid #5

We interrupt the programme (again) to bring to you the unsightly sight of spilt (free) coffee on the floor of a shopping mall.


Hahaha all that paparazzi dashing back and forth with a cup of coffee in (Kak Di’s) hand resulted in the coffee spilling out of its covered cup, just as I was about to finish the challenge with kid #5!

And so I declared that it was time for a coffee break before the final challenge (yes, there’s one last one!) And I also insisted Kak Di wipe the coffee off the floor while I drank the remaining coffee in the cup because I really felt bad about us being a nuisance. Yeah, I’m civic-minded like that.



And Z found this following photo totally hilarious, saying that I look just like the evil stepsister laughing at Kak Di wiping the floor while I enjoy my cup of coffee:


So once the floor was clean, off we went to complete my final challenge (at least for the day). Technically it wasn’t the final one as I had picked the card somewhere in the middle, but Z said we could do it last since it was just more convenient that way.

So here’s the challenge:


Buy us our favourite lunch @ Long John Silver, u guess!

There wasn’t any LJS nearby, so we headed to Starbucks instead. I really had little idea what exactly their favourite items from Starbucks were, because it’s not often that I hang out with them there. Since it was the Christmas season, Starbucks had their special Christmas drinks so I asked Kak Di if I could get her drink and Kak N’s from there, effectively (and cleverly, if I must say so myself haha) narrowing down my options. She said okay so I got her some caramel toffee drink, and Kak N something with mint (I really am bad at remembering these expensive coffee names!)

I was pretty confident with my selection for Kak Di and Kak N as I knew more or less the flavour they like when it comes to coffee. When it came to Z, however, she wanted a cake and I was totally clueless, because it occurred to me right there and then that I had never sat down for a cake with her at Starbucks! So there I was at the counter (with a long line of people behind me), hesitating a bit and then deciding to order a slice of raspberry (or was it blueberry?) cheesecake. Z asked me what I ordered and when I told her, she just gave a cheeky smile and refused to confirm if my selection was right, saying that she’d let me know once we got back to the hotel room!

Of course that made me waver and since I really did not want to get made up by blindfolded makeup ‘artists’, I asked her if it was the wrong item, and she still gave me that cheeky smile so I knew it must be! She also kept looking at other cakes in the display, and I noticed one she was eyeing so just as the earlier cake got packed and the cashier asked for payment, I asked him to add a slice of the peanut butter something cake to my order. Again, I asked Z if it’s correct, and again she refused to say! I told the guy wait, I’d like to order another one because I was truly prepared to order a slice of each cake available, just to avoid the forfeit, but Z stopped me from going crazy hahahah.


As it turned out, I got it right the second time; Z was looking at the cake display just to check if the item was available because it wouldn’t be fair for me if the cake she wanted was not available in the first place, and luckily for me I decided to be observant so I managed to catch the cake she was eyeing!

So off we went back to the hotel! Snippets of conversation along the way:

Z: I’m tired already, I’ve been carrying baby H all this while..

Me: Oh yeah, you didn’t tell us, we should have taken turns to carry him.

*Split second silence*

Me: Oh my god now wouldn’t that be funny if I had baby H strapped to me and I went around telling people that I was getting married in two weeks’ time?


And a lesson in never thinking out loud:

Me: You know what, when you guys told me you were going to make me do silly things in public, I thought you were going to make me sing a song dedicated to T…

Z: Oh yah!!! We forgot about that! We did think about it when we were discussing since you can sing pretty well (Disclaimer: Her words, not mine! Hahah) It’s okay, we can still make you do that!

Me: Oh no please no! (*slap own forehead mentally and ask myself now why did I open my big mouth?!*)

And so they made me sing, right there in the hotel lobby! But I might as well be invisible to the guests seated in front of where I was standing, because for some reason, they just continued chatting or staring into space as there was nary a flicker of acknowledgement, amusement, curiosity or annoyance in their expressions! Not that I wanted their attention; I was just scared that Z would prolong my agony since she claimed I wasn’t singing loud enough for others to notice.

It was finally over and we went up to our room. I was greeted by Kak N who congratulated me and presented a bouquet of roses from my mister as a reward for completing the challenges!


So THAT’S why Kak N could not join us! She had to wait for the flower delivery guy to come! And it was a total coincidence that the roses matched my outfit. Such a sweet surprise it was, especially since at that point of time we had been going through the worst of arguments, that I felt so overwhelmed and almost cried. I turned around and tried to hide the fact that I felt like crying, and Kak N was going, eh jangan nangis ah! and so I laughed and managed to hold in the floodwaters.

This is like just the third bouquet I had received (at that point in time) from my mister in our almost 10 years of being together. The first was when we got engaged, which I received in the presence of both our families, the second was during my birthday the following year, when we didn’t have to hide our relationship from my parents anymore and he got the bouquet delivered to my place, and this is the third! Love the fact that each one marked a significant moment. 🙂



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