Gratitude, to me, is not a state of being.

Rather, it is a process involving a conscious choice, a deliberate decision that I make,  which then requires me to put in conscious effort.

For me, it’s a constant struggle. Every. Single. Day.

There is an opportunity for gratitude even in the simplest things. Like doing laundry, for example. It used to be just a chore to me, a part of which I hate (hanging clothes to dry) and a part of which I don’t mind doing, and you could even say I like (folding and putting them  away). Yet, to me back then, a chore is a chore is a chore. Many times, it is something that makes me grumble and grumpy.

Yet, now every time I do laundry I feel grateful. I consciously make the choice to. When I realise the abundant amount and variety of clothing I have, I feel grateful. I chide myself for having so many, for being the excessive shopper that I was, yet I still feel grateful. I have clothes that fit, clothes that are comfortable, clothes of many colours and prints and styles and cuttings that provide me an outlet for creative expression, clothes that can last me a month, or maybe more, if I decide to go on a laundry strike. I feel grateful for all that, so grateful that I’ve significantly cut back my online shopping habit.

And then, at the end of folding and putting everything away, I feel grateful. I feel a sense of accomplishment. I feel grateful for the neat and tidy wardrobe that allows the husband and myself to find clothes easily. I feel grateful for the clear bed and room. I feel grateful for the time available to get the job done. I feel grateful for the mind-clearing effect it has on me.

I’m not sure where I am going with this piece. It may sound pretty petty, or frivolous. I’m just glad I got around to writing it down. In a world characterised by consumerism, it gets pretty easy to feel that there never is enough. So when I realise I feel grateful, well, I just do. I’m grateful for being granted a glimpse of gratitude. 😀

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