I miss this space

And for once, I haven’t got an idea what to write that’s not too personal to share.

Oh ok, besides the fact that tomorrow’s my birthday (last one as a single lady!) and I’m celebrating it by voluntarily returning to work despite it being the start of my one week ‘off’. Yes, boring life I lead. But there’s dinner with the family (one set of parents, 4 siblings, 3 siblings-in-law, 2 nephews, 2 nieces, 2 stepnieces, 1 helper) to look forward to! We’re having seafood! Ok, which reminds me, I shall use the time between the half day at work and dinner to do some shopping! For the two brothers whose birthdays also fall in March! Although I suspect I might just get them vouchers from NTUC / Courts / Kiddy Palace from CapitaMalls or AsiaMalls or somewhere where they can choose to get something for themselves or their wives or their kids. What, don’t send me virtual stares – they’re family men! It just might make them happy to have some extra ‘cash’ to indulge their wives or kids or both rather than themselves on their birthday! And I’m all for choice because I’m bad at thinking of gifts for people.

So some of you may wonder, why aren’t I celebrating it with the mister?

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