The past week

There was supposed to be a post that I had written exactly a week back (but somehow did not get it published) about how I couldn’t go back to sleep after waking up 2 to 3 hours earlier than usual, despite getting only 2 hours of sleep before that… and then I added to that post and tried to publish but then – poof! – it disappeared…

So yeah that was just something I wrote in my post-sleep bride-to-be insomnia. I was anxious about getting started on so many things, seeing how my last official day at work was just the day before and my 3 weeks break before my wedding had started. Fast forward to today, and here’s what I managed to get done between then and now:

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30 days!

To my wedding, that is.

And looking at the time now (11.37 AM), it would be exactly 30 days! As in if time was to fast-forward 30 days, then at exactly this moment we would have been officially solemnised as husband and wife! My heart is already beating so fast, imagining this moment. I can’t wait for it, but at the same time, I want time to slow down because I’m not done with my DIYs yet! Hahaha talk about mixed emotions.

Anyway, to mark this 30-day countdown, I took the day off from work. Haha okay, I’m kidding.. about marking the 30-day countdown that is. I am actually entitled to at least 2 days off because I did extra duty in September, so I applied for one day today, which just happened to be exactly a month to my wedding!

I had a mental list of things I wanted to do today, among which are:

  1. Laundry
  2. Wash at least 7 scarves (the ones that I want to give away)
  3. Sort through the stuff I have been hoarding because I thought they could be useful for work, cut, store, throw recycle the rest
  4. Move stuff into the storage space that I have cleared because I did no. 3

And then my mom added task no. 5 – Continue working on the bunga rampai (she’s already finished 15 pieces!)

But then I woke up this morning and did something else..

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