Strike #1.5

Okay here’s an update from Strike #1.

This past week has been a wedding-errand packed week! I’m really glad we chose to get married in December because November and October are my ‘free and easy’ days at work, even with ‘outstation’ duty, so I don’t feel like I’ve got too many things on my plate, what with running wedding-related errands and work being the way work is. I’m a bit bad at multi-tasking – the mister would say I can’t at all, so yeah, being freed up at work is a big help.

So here’s what we, or I, did this whole week:

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Pengantin pelik punya persalinan (part keenam) aka What Makes a Good Wife – Criteria #2

News flash! News flash!

Well as you can gather, this isn’t a critical review of the marriage preparatory course we attended last week (of which the deadline I so have to extend to ‘within the month’ from ‘within the week’ because I have set my mind on dedicating this weekend to being productive, work-wise, personal space-wise).

So back to the news flash! Well it’s a turnaround from my low-cost, low-frills, stretch-my-dollars wedding budget motto: I’m going to have full-on bridal outfits from a proper bridal, the kind with a proper, retail shop!

Why the turnaround?

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